Solifer 6102

Solifer 6102 Finnish two-axle caravan. Operating temperature range: from - 40 ° C to 40 ° C. Layout: front dining area is transformed into a double bed. Behind are two separate beds and a table, if desired, transformed into a large 2 bed.

Hobby prestige 680

Well preserved trailer cottage Hobby Prestige 680. Sale of a mobile home Hobby Prestige 680 is carried out by prior arrangement. Characteristics of Hobby Prestige 680 Type of trailer Trailer dacha Brand Hobby Country Germany Year of manufacture 1992 Condition Excellent Mileage, km. - Price, rub. 360 000 ₽ Base - Power, l.

What is a camper (autohouse, trailer)?

Camper is a hybrid of car and home, allowing you to travel and not take care of housing. Campers or motor homes can be divided into two types - trailers and high-grade cars. In the first case, the camper clings to your car, and in the second, the camper is a full-fledged car.

Hoby prestige

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