Kip KG48

Kip KG 48 trailer dacha. Perfectly suitable for hardened road travelers or workers to live with constant crossings. Designed for 4 people. Kip KG48 trailer has: A large table-dining group in front of the trailer, transforming into a double bed. Electrolux refrigerator (12 / 220V or gas) Gas stove and sink Gas heater of the Truma 3002 residential module with a warm air blowing system through the cabin. transforming into a double sleeping place. Bicycle mount for 2 bicycles in the rear part of the trailer. Gas cylinder. Integrated audio system. Coupling with a stabilization system. Among the shortcomings: cracks in the side window.

Shuttleman ECON. Production

The Shuttleman food truck is a trailer for a passenger car with all the necessary documents for transportation. Thanks to the sloping aluminum body with the ability to polish it in the “mirror”, the Shuttleman feedtrack is always in the spotlight. The super compact Shuttleman ECON model will perfectly fit into the interior of close city streets of your city.

Which water boiler to prefer?

All of us need hot water for a comfortable rest. Hot water in caravans can be used to heat water in a kettle on the stove, or you can spend money and install a high-tech caravan boiler. Boilers differ in the power supply system: electric and gas. Electric boilers (Truma and other manufacturers) are cheaper than gas, simpler in construction, compact, quite fire safe.

Land yachts from Tonke

Real Yachts on wheels from the Dutch manufacturer Tonke. Universal residential cabins in the style of sailing yachts. Retrailer - rent, sale, spare parts for motorhomes, campers, trailers 16 photos are added to the album “Land Yachts from Tonke”, to date, 3559 people have viewed the album.