LMC Munsterland

Sold trailer dacha LMC Munsterland. Clean, dry, not smoky lounge, all the furniture in its original form. Included gas tank, built-in rechargeable battery, awning tent. You can buy an LMC Munsterland mobile home by calling and arranging a meeting. Characteristics of LMC Munsterland Type of trailer Trailer-dacha Brand LMC Country Germany Year of manufacture 1990 Condition Excellent Mileage, km.

Tabbert Comtesse 560

Large uniaxial trailer dacha from the best manufacturer of motorhomes in Germany - Tabbert. The trailer has a boiler for hot water Truma TT2, with a volume of 5 liters, the power of tena 300 watts. In front of the residential trailer there is a large double bed, which can be fenced off from the common space by a compartment door.

How does a gas cooler work in a camper?

In motorhomes and motorhomes, absorption-type refrigerators are used. The refrigeration unit in them represents a closed system with a continuously repeated cycle of evaporation of ammonia from the ammonia water solution, and then its reverse absorption by this, but already depleted, solution with heat removal through the evaporator from the refrigerating chamber.

What is a camper (autohouse, trailer)?

Camper is a hybrid of car and home, allowing you to travel and not take care of housing. Campers or motor homes can be divided into two types - trailers and high-grade cars. In the first case, the camper clings to your car, and in the second, the camper is a full-fledged car.

Land yachts from Tonke

Real Yachts on wheels from the Dutch manufacturer Tonke. Universal residential cabins in the style of sailing yachts. Retrailer - rent, sale, spare parts for motorhomes, campers, trailers 16 photos are added to the album “Land Yachts from Tonke”, to date, 3559 people have viewed the album.