The Swedish concern Cabby Caravan AB has been manufacturing caravans since 1964. Production facilities of the company are located in Kristinehamn.

He founded the company Tore Nilsson and already in 1965 presented to the public his first model for mass production. Its frame was made of polyurethane and was the prototype of the buildings, which are still the basis of Cabby caravans.

Own factory in Kristinehamn was opened in 1968. At various times, the company was in foreign ownership. In 2001, it was bought by a Dutch caravan and trailer manufacturer - Tirus Group BV. But since 2008, production has returned to the ownership of the Swedes thanks to Outback Capital Management.

Cabby caravans in their "origin" are designed for the northern, cold and harsh climate. Therefore, you will feel equally comfortable in them both in summer and in winter. The desired temperature is maintained due to excellent insulation of the body, a warm floor and a well-designed ventilation system. Autonomous circuits allow you to distribute the heated air evenly and direct it to the "right" place.

The main functional advantages of caravans are a comfortable kitchen, shower and toilet, comfortable upholstered furniture and large compartments for storing luggage.


Today the concern offers 7 series of trailers. The separation takes place depending on the length of the body: 570, 620, 650, 710, 740, 800 and 900 cm. In almost every modification, you can choose a caravan with 2 or more "layout" options, depending on the number of your family members. : with two separate ordinary beds (Single), with a combined sleeping double bed (Double), a transformer (Flexi, with a folding soft part in the recreation area) and a family caravan (Family).

Single These are caravans for those who prefer to sleep on their own bed. Practical kitchen, bathroom and cabinets are located in the middle of the trailer. You can relax on the soft part in the living room, which easily turns into an extra bed in the evening.

Double. These are the most popular models. Comfortable, large double bed located in the back of the trailer. The front seats can also be folded into comfortable sofas. A well-equipped kitchen is another indisputable advantage of this motorhome.

Flexi. This is truly a multi-purpose autohouse. The dining area with a soft part, located in the front part, turns into sleeping places at nightfall. In additional beds, you can transform and soft seats smaller, as well as a closet in the middle part of the caravan.

Family. With this trailer you will have enough space for the whole family. Another bonus is a brilliant solution for designing space, creating additional space for storing luggage. The caravan is equipped with a double and a bunk bed. At guests' service there is a beautiful, comfortable kitchen area and a cute, relaxed soft corner in the living room. You can get access to the luggage compartment both from the inside and outside of the motorhome.

A distinctive feature of all Cabby trailer models without exception is their carefully thought out form, equipment and “equipment”. Some of the ideas used in production, are exclusively for aesthetic purposes, while others are very useful from a practical point of view.

Some of Cabby's innovations are not noticeable at first glance, but they are simply necessary when it comes to safety and comfort. This refers to unique technologies and solutions that are hidden in the floor and walls:

  • special ATC system, damping vibrations;
  • tough and well-balanced chassis for maximum comfort when driving on bad roads;
  • a bridge to create a lower center of gravity;
  • optimized suspension to cope with all types of pavement;
  • AKS stabilizer provides a leveling effect.

Cabby Sunset

Cabby had financial problems for several periods. In 2008, due to debts, the company changed owners and managed to repay a significant portion of loans. In 2014, a restructuring was carried out, which significantly revived the company. But this was not enough. On January 7, 2016, Cabby declared itself bankrupt. 63rd employees had to look for a new job. The right to a trademark (which will no longer be used), as well as spare parts that were on the balance sheet of the plant, was acquired by another Swedish caravan production company, Polar. The production of caravans in Kristinehamn was stopped forever, the plant and equipment were put up for auction. The story of the Cabby brand was over.

Watch the video: Cabby - Left Lane Ft. Yung Joc Official Video (April 2020).


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