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Cottage on wheels from the company Burstner created for a comfortable rest in the midst of nature. This is the maximum convenience of staying out of town. You can enjoy the fresh air and beautiful landscapes without experiencing the slightest hardship or discomfort.

A distinctive feature of Burstner motorhomes is their maximum equipment, because in the basic version these models have everything you need for a comfortable journey. Also, for each option, a package of additional options has been developed at surprisingly reasonable prices. Burstner caravans are not afraid of competition, as they are the best in their segment. Their equipment includes all the amenities you are used to in your permanent home. Customers can purchase a model in any configuration at affordable prices.

The first steps of the company

The Burstner brand as a part of the automotive industry has a long history of success based on hard and hard work and associated with the development and production of motorhomes and mobile cottages. The first campers company began to produce in the 50s of the twentieth century. The assembly of these models is completely made by hand. After 30 years, the company has expanded its range and has already offered its customers mobile holiday homes, caravans and comfortable campers.

But the history of the company began a little earlier, in 1924, from the founding of a carpentry workshop in Nyumula. In 1953, the owner of the manufactory was the limited partnership "Jakob Burstner". Small first models were made to order for private clients, they were assembled manually and was very laborious. But this technique was not know-how, since the campers were already exploited in Germany in the 30s of the twentieth century. A shaky post-war economy made the demand for such aggregates minimal. The number of orders increased only by 1961, with the result that the company even recruited new employees, expanding the production base. In the same year, the company's products took part in the exposition "Caravan Salon", held in Essen.

New highs and lows

The next landmark year for the company was 1973. The partnership "Jakob Burstner" is reorganized into LLC "Burstner". In addition to organizational changes, the production potential increases. A growing promising company needed new workshops, which were not in Nyumula yet. The necessary areas were found in the Alsatian Wissemburg, where furniture and carpentry factories were bought. The next step was the acquisition in 1976 of factories in France, the reorganization of the company into a joint-stock company and the beginning of the quotation of its shares on the exchange. The company from a German exclusive manufacturer is transformed into a brand of the European level.

Production is growing rapidly: in 1977, 8.5 thousand vans were collected, annual sales amounted to 35 million marks. Demand for products grew at a frantic pace, in 1982, the company’s conveyor already dropped 15,000, and in 1985, 17,000 cottages on wheels. The company has become the largest in Europe.

The increase required new areas for workshops. The main problem was the expansion of the first plant in Nyumula. In 1986, in the port of Kehl on the banks of the Rhine, a door factory was bought out along with the equipment. Part of the production was transferred there. In 1989, the company already numbered 1,150 workers, producing 20,000 pieces of equipment. The assembly was carried out immediately on two sites and sales in that year amounted to a record 156 million marks.

The stagnation processes in the economy of the early 1990s significantly undermined the financial situation of the enterprise, but a radical reduction in production by half in 1993 saved it from bankruptcy. A year later, the company showed its potential: 520 employees collected 8500 dachas on wheels, and sales amounted to 76 million marks.

In 1996, all German workshops and business units are concentrated in the port of Kehl. The harbor on the banks of the Rhine was a strategically important acquisition affecting the company's economy. But the area was again less than necessary, it took another adaptation of production.

Great merger

In 1998, Burstner entered the Hymer Group, which strongly affected the financial well-being and growth of the company, whose annual revenues amounted to 195 million marks. The staff and production volumes are constantly growing. In 2002, a record 200 million euros in annual sales revenue was achieved. A landmark event in the history of the brand was the launch of the Argos 747-2 G camper series. Today, the company occupies a leading position in the production and sale of luxury motor homes.

New achievements and future plans

In 2004, a new service center was opened, located in the former head office of the company in Nyumula. This event was another proof of the company's attention to its customers. A new exhibition site, with an exhibition of the latest models of the enterprise, has added a network of 22 production workshops and a central warehouse in Europe. New conference rooms allow you to accept all potential customers interested in receiving advice and purchasing brand products. The festive opening of the center took place in August 2004.

Attention was paid to the improvement and modernization of the logistics system. In the port of Kehl is a modern transport center. The volume of its investment is about 1.5 million euros.

The company Burstner is considered one of the European leaders in the production of cottages on wheels and campers. The company employs about a thousand employees working at two sites. In 2004, the company's sales reached 250 million euros, in 2007 - 300 million euros. In 2007, according to readers, the Mega Van model was recognized as the camper of the year.

In 2013, the company celebrated its 55th anniversary and continues to win awards in its homeland and in other European countries.

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