The CARVER Group is the oldest family-owned business, originating in the second half of the 18th century. Today, the eighth generation of the Carver family manages the same-name group of companies. The headquarters is located in the UK, and industrial enterprises operating in various production areas are open in fifty countries around the world, including France, Germany, the Netherlands and Canada.

CARVER brand history

1776 - Start of activities

The English brand was founded in 1776 by Joseph Carver, who opened the manual production of whips and harnesses in the city of Walsall (West Midlands). Products enjoyed wide popularity due to high quality. Therefore, just a few years after the establishment of the factory, whips with the CARVER logo were delivered to all corners of the British Empire.

1900 - Mechanical Engineering

The heyday of industrialization in Western Europe coincided with the invention of the automobile, and at the same time a whole era began in the development of industrial production. In the early 1900s, David Carver created a subsidiary for the production of automotive parts and components - CARVER and Co Engineers. The company quickly conquers the European market and becomes the largest supplier of production components for various car brands of the time.

1958 - Vice and clamps

The whip business was sold in 1958. After that, the company took a course on the release of engineering devices and tools - a vice, clamps, clamps, etc. Developed by engineers of the company "rack clip" today is widely used in industrial production around the world. For more than 60 years, a subsidiary of the same name CARVER CLAMPS has been producing a wide range of products in this area, including unique welding tables.

1967 - Entry into the caravan market

In the late 60s, the company entered a new market for campers or caravans. During this period, CARVER begins producing gas heaters, boilers, and movers for caravans. The invention of the company's engineers was the mover for the caravan, allowing you to move the house on wheels without a car.

During this period, the company becomes the monopolistic manufacturer and supplier of heating equipment for trailers in the UK. The presence of heating and a boiler for water in a mobile home made it possible to expand the scope of use of caravans, including the use of a caravan for year-round living.

One of the most popular products of the company was the CARVER Cascade 2 boiler, produced in the 80s and 90s. To heat the water in it could be used to choose gas or electricity from the camping network. The boiler was equipped with a mechanical thermostat and an electronic control system that ensured the automated and safe use of the device. The model turned out to be remarkable not only for its advanced equipment, but also reliability. Even today on sale you can find used British boilers Cascade 2 in a fully functional state.

1990 - Climatic equipment

In the mid-90s, the company changed the activity vector to the production of stationary climate control equipment. CARVER's camper equipment division was sold to a rival German company, Truma. Despite the fact that the takeover took place more than twenty years ago, the brand name is found today. In particular, modern components for camping equipment may be marked CARVER / Truma.

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