Concorde is a motor home not for traveling, but for travelers

Concorde is a company whose vast experience has been formed since 1981. It has always been ahead of its competitors in the use of innovation for its motor homes. Concorde can be proud of unique developments that bring the brand to the leaders of its field. Every new Concorde technology is patented. Awards at European exhibitions, awards received - all this confirms the quality of Concorde motor homes made for travelers.

Features of Concorde motorhomes

Mobile homes Concorde have several advantages:

  1. High thermal insulation. The walls of motorhomes consist of layers of RTM foam, which provides high thermal insulation. It allows you to travel even in winter.
  2. Reliability. To increase body rigidity, manufacturers use inserts made of polyurethane foam.
  3. Do not fade and are not subject to corrosion. The walls of each motorhome are covered with special enamel, which helps the surface to maintain its color. Such enamel is not afraid of external influences.
  4. Increased comfort. In Concorde caravans everything is thought out for maximum comfort.

Popular models

All Concorde models have something in common. Chairs for the driver and passenger can always be easily integrated into the residential part of the car, and this ensures a cozy atmosphere. A distinctive feature is the height of the driver's seat. It is located higher than in conventional models of motorhomes, and therefore provides a better view from all windows. The uniqueness of Concorde also lies in the spacious bedroom. The beds are not only wide, but also heated, in addition, they are equipped with special mattresses with foamy orthopedic basis. A large number of lockers, the ability to adjust the lighting, convenient layout and separation of the bedroom and the living part of the door, a separate toilet from the shower - all this makes the Concorde motorhomes just perfect for life. Special attention is given to the kitchen. All the furniture here is made of reliable and expensive materials. Countertop from Corisan, stainless steel sink, stove for 4 komforki and, of course, cold stores. There is no dishwasher, but there are all conditions for its installation, as well as for the grill and microwave oven.

Today in the line of Concorde you can find:

  1. "Concorde One Level Concept" is a highlight among all Concorde models. The name means "double gender one level." This floor ensures the absence of bumps, stairs or at least some other irregularities in the motorhome. Thanks to this floor, no cold zones appear in the trailer in winter.
  2. Credo Emotion is an example of a Concorde motorhome that displays how your impeccable mobile home should look like. Many professionals in the best traditions of the irreproachable quality of the Concorde concern were engaged in its development and production.
  3. Credo Action is one of the motorhomes created specifically for traveling. This model only once again proves that such concepts as Tradition and Quality form the Concorde itself.
  4. Carver is another premium member. He was created to ensure that your every desire was satisfied. This model is implemented on the chassis of Iveco Turbo Daily, which is famous for its durability. Professionals completely trust this base, calling it reliable and absolutely corresponding to all the technical needs of this type of motorhomes. The design of the model was carried out using the same level of floor technology. Heating is provided by the Alde system, which will do its job during winter trips.
  5. Charisma. Modern design, the latest technological devices, ease of operation, panoramic sunroof, reliable thermal insulation - this is exactly what you need.
  6. Cruiser C1. The model belongs to the category of first-class products. This motorhome is designed for families with children. After all, there is a special play area here. And, of course, like any other Concorde model, there is a floor heating system that ensures maximum comfort and safety for traveling with a child.

Whatever Concorde model you choose, you can be sure that it was created just for you.

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