Hobby houses and campers since the 60s. of the last century are not just walls and a roof for travelers, but a real comfortable and safe auto-housing center. It is very easy to fall in love with trailers and motorhomes of this brand - their interior is as comfortable as possible, with the most modern equipment and reasonableness in every detail.

Hobby owners can always appreciate their benefits:

  • Being in nature, you feel as comfortable as in your own home.
  • All the amenities of a modern home are always with you.
  • You do not need to carry heavy luggage of different things behind you - everything you need is always at hand.

Year after year, trailers and motorhomes from Hobby are being improved in order to satisfy the most demanding needs of customers. Hobby constantly cooperates with well-known leading companies and uses innovative technologies in the development of new models, so you can be sure that everyone will choose a comfortable home for traveling in accordance with their tastes and preferences.

Where is Hobby born

Hobby mobile homes are manufactured in Germany near the city of Rendsburg. Approximately 1,250 people work at the local factory, all of them are engaged in the production of convenient trailers and motorhomes. The high level of product quality is confirmed by the Certificate DIN EN ISO 9001: 2000.

Each year, Hobby launches 3,000 motor homes and 20,000 caravans, for a total cost of about 300 million euros. The company ranks first among other manufacturers of similar vehicles. More than 50% of their products are exported.

How did Hobby appear

The company began its activities in 1967. In the first five years, she released 5,000 units of trailers on wheels, and in 1976 Hobby-released goods reached 25,000 units. The company released its first semi-integrated motor home in 1983. The model was called the Hobby 600 and was a great success with all caravaners of those times. In the 90s of the 20th century, the company released such models as: Exclusive, Excellent and Elegance.

Currently, Hobby has been at the top of the ranking for the production of mobile homes since 2003. They are appreciated by lovers of tourism in any country, which confirms the high level of product quality and makes it a standard for the market of camping goods.

Safe Hobby Mobile Home

The company's engineering specialists regularly check the safety of each model released. Testing is carried out with the help of special devices, so that every client can be sure of the high level of security of the motorhome even in the most extreme situations.

The advantages of Hobby caravans are:

  • Hobby layout and design. Motorhomes Hobby are considered the benchmark of modern camper equipment. The hallmark of the company is a truly exclusive design of campers, which allowed them to be awarded the title of “Motorhome of the Year” more than 20 times.
  • Hobby trailer quality. All Hobby products are certified to the latest ISO 9001: 2008 standard. Mark of German quality keeps "iron" - motorhomes are constantly checked and monitored on special stands. From the conveyor of the company produced exceptionally reliable models on wheels under the common brand Hobby.
  • Chassis motorhomes from Hobby. In the production of Hobby motorhomes, Ford, Fiat and Iveco chassis are used. For luxury campers, Iveco chassis are used, compact campers are equipped with Ford chassis, and dynamic and exclusive models for individual orders are equipped with Fiat Ducato chassis.
  • Security. Modern Hobby campers are equipped with ABS and airbags. Its walls and roof are covered with aluminum, and the flooring is a sandwich construction with a built-in heating function for a high level of thermal insulation and heat dissipation.

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