Motorhomes and caravans from the company Kip - the choice of true lovers of motor tourism

For over 30 years, the Dutch company Kip has been manufacturing motorhomes and summer cottages. "Caravans" and caravans from this brand are in great demand in many countries around the world, including in the domestic car market. After all, the Kip company relies not only on the high build quality, reliability and safety of vehicles for caravanning, but also on their economy. And unlike many other manufacturers of caravans and "mobile homes", this company offers its customers not only luxury, but also low-end models.

The main competitive advantage of caravans and Kip motorhomes is a high level of security. They use advanced technologies that minimize the risk of getting into an accident while driving, as well as increase driving stability and maneuverability of vehicles. Therefore, lovers of caravans who travel in motor homes and caravans Kip, can be confident in their safety during long journeys.

Popular Kip Caravan Models

In the domestic and world market, Kip caravans are very popular among buyers. And it's not just the affordable cost of these vehicles. They gained recognition among autotourists and thanks to their original design, rich equipment and durability. The most in demand today are such models of Kip trailers:

  • Kip 47. Caravans of this model are produced since 2004. They are equipped with numerous means of increasing comfort (semicircular sofas, transforming tables, gas heating, toilet, shower, etc.), making trips in Kip 47 trailers vans a real pleasure. The length of the residential zone in such caravans is 4.7 m, so the driver and passengers will not have to experience inconvenience due to lack of free space.

  • Kip 40T. The compact caravan Kip 40T is completed with 3 sleeping places, a cassette dry closet, a boiler for hot water, and also an absorption refrigerator that runs from the onboard electrical network of the trailer. Especially for lovers of outdoor activities, it is equipped with mounts for two bicycles. And the trunk of increased capacity makes it easy to transport any things that may be needed during a long trip.
  • Kip Gray Line 50 TDB. The caravans of this series went into mass production in 2000. They are known not only for their impeccable build quality and wide equipment, but also for their spaciousness and high level of comfort. Depending on the specific modification, the length of the living area in the trailer can be up to 5 meters. Among other amenities - built-in air conditioning, a transforming table, a gas-electric boiler and a semicircular sofa, which can simultaneously accommodate 4-5 people.

  • Kip KG48. The Kip KG48 trailer dacha is an excellent choice for travelers and people who spend a lot of time on long trips. The caravan is equipped with a large dining-dining group, a refrigerator (running on electricity and gas), a stove, a sink, and a powerful gas heating system. Living area in it is designed for 4 people.

Also, the earlier models of the Kip caravans - EK, KG 42, KR 320, KL 390, KG 44 and KL are also in great demand in the modern market. They differ among themselves in the first place, dimensions, design and equipment.

Motorhomes from Kip

Despite the fact that the Dutch company Kip initially specialized in the production of caravans, since 2008 its management announced the start of the mass production of motorhomes. The first model "home on wheels" from this brand was a semi-integrated motorhome Kip Adventure Cruiser. It was developed on the basis of Fiat Ducato brand low frame chassis, which has been actively used by other manufacturers for years. As the engine it uses the power unit 3 JTD from the Multijet model range. Also, the motorhome is equipped with special mounts for two bicycles.

The main highlight of the Kip Adventure Cruiser is the original exterior design, made in the style of Hi-Tech, as well as the refined futuristic interior of the residential area. According to the developers, this model is aimed primarily at young people.

In addition, the motorhome is equipped with several means of protection against emergency situations. In particular, it is equipped with two sets of airbags and supports ABC technology, which allows you to prevent sudden jamming of the brakes while driving.

At the moment, in addition to the Adventure Cruiser, Kip does not manufacture other models of motorhomes. However, the manufacturer says: in the coming years, other series of "mobile homes" will also appear on the market.

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