The German company Knott for over 80 years specializes in the design and manufacture of reliable components for passenger trailers. Today, its products are shipped to different countries and different continents. Spare parts "Knot" are used in Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Spain, USA, Japan, China, Russia, Czech Republic, Sweden, Austria, Brazil, India ... And this list can be continued for a long time.

How it all began

The idea of ​​creating a company for the supply of components for gearboxes came up with Valentine Knott back in 1937. It was at this time that a small office and warehouse of the future corporation was opened in Egshtatt (Upper Bavaria, Germany). The rapid growth of the company began after the end of the Second World War. The plant in Regensburg launched production of products that were in demand at the time, such as axles for agricultural trailers and brake systems for machines, loaders, tractors.

Years of continuous and fruitful work bore fruit. The company opened offices in Eastern and Western Europe, and after a few years in the USA. Then merged "Knott" with the Hungarian company Autoflex, and a new company entered the market with production facilities in Hungary. Since 2006, Autoflex-Knott specialists began to provide engineering services in the development and implementation of industrial brakes on the CIS market.

Main products and main principles of the company Knott

Currently, the corporation employs over 1,600 employees. Their main activity is aimed at ensuring that various agricultural equipment and trailers are as reliable, comfortable and safe as possible. Commodity nomenclature includes cuffs, bearings, hubs, suspensions (including rubber-tow suspension), coupling heads, brake pads, overrun brakes, springs, springs and much more.

From the first day the main principle of the company was the slogan: "Quality is above all!". Most production processes are automated, but there are some jobs where human intervention is indispensable. Masters pay special attention to trifles, while they are absolutely not afraid to experiment and introduce non-standard solutions. Apparently, this is the secret of Knott success. Apparently, it is for this reason that the owners of motor homes and even entire caravans choose products from a famous German manufacturer.

Today, almost all passenger commercial trailers (carriages, car transporters), as well as horse trailers, are equipped with an overrun brake and Knott suspensions. Since 1997, the Knott chassis is installed on all Hobby caravans.

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