In the CIS countries, manufacturers of motorhomes, created with all the needs of travelers, can be counted on the fingers. Among them is the MAZ-Kupava plant, which, even during the USSR, began producing caravans meeting European quality standards. The equipment of the production workshop was purchased from the Slovenian company Adria in 1989, when the plant had just started its work. The rate was made on the high quality of the automotive industry, which allowed the Kupava brand to immediately become a leader in the domestic market.

The collapse of the USSR was for Kupava a test phase. It was necessary to find funding in order to keep the already equipped workshops. This was possible thanks to the release of truly competitive equipment, which was able to bring a proper profit.

Enviable diversity

By the serial production of caravans "Kupava" did not come immediately, because the caravans for tourism in Belarus did not have the demand that could ensure the survival of the manufacturer in the market. In 1992, the company began producing trailers, thereby opening its own trading house.

In 1994, the manufacturer introduced isothermal bodies to the market on the basis of the Gazel car, and in 1995-1996. has been producing refrigerated cabinets and cabinets built into trailers. The year 1998 marked the beginning of the production of service trailers for the service sector to order, as well as fast food chain trailers that are popular today. Since 1999, "Kupava" expands production. Appear:

  • Stationary refrigerated display cases for shops up to 2 meters long (1999).
  • Sandwich panels with a heat insulator (2000).
  • Pavilions and kiosks, shopping complexes of sandwich panels (2002).
  • Block containers for a fast-food network with electrical supply (2008).

In 2001, the company entered the world market, producing high-capacity equipment for Germany, and a year later began to manufacture trailers for the fast-food chain.

In 2003, the Belarusian manufacturer opens its representative office in Moscow, and also establishes a production line for trailers in Kiev. In 2007, "Kupava" became known to EU countries due to the appearance of a representative office in Germany (Koblenz).

Since 2009, Kupava has been engaged not only in the production of consumer support trailers, but also in the construction of modular buildings, which indicates the long-term development of this manufacturer.

Quality awards

In 2010, "Kupava" was noted by the Government of Belarus, as one of 20 manufacturers, providing the highest quality of its products. It was noted that the company enhances the prestige of the domestic auto industry, and also makes a great contribution to the development of trailers and bodies that are really in demand by the buyer.

At the present stage, the company makes bets on the individual needs of each customer, therefore, often manufactures custom-made vans. At the same time, the serial production line of vans, which enter the market of Russia, Ukraine, Israel, Cyprus, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, Poland, and the United States, remains.

It should be noted, and the line of motor homes "Kupava", which are in demand by buyers for their value for money. Popular have been and remain:

Kupava - 379140 is a mobile home based on an Italian van Fiat Ducato, which has everything you need for comfort. The manufacturer managed to increase the size of the caravan, while maintaining the weight of the motorhome, which is very important for comfortable travel.

Kupava 813400 - economy version of the "trailer-cottage", which has everything you need, no frills. This reduces the cost of the van. However, it is not recommended to be used for travel, because while driving the trailer is too noisy, which makes it recommended to use it instead of a country house.

Kupava 3780 - motorhome on chassis 3302. The high passability of the car allows us to recommend it for long-distance autotravel. In addition, everything necessary is thought out in the trailer.

The main advantage of "Kupava" motorhomes is their adaptation to domestic conditions, as well as an affordable price. Therefore, caravans always find their buyers.

Watch the video: 1рядКупаваKupava (January 2020).


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