The Scandinavian brand Polar has chosen Mobile Living as the main slogan for its products, which means mobility for life. And this is true, because the motorhomes of the brand are famous for their comfort not only in terms of the arrangement of the trailer, but also in terms of ease of driving.

Polar is a member of the Solifer Group, which is known worldwide for its high-quality and low-priced products. At the same time, Solifer Group produces not only motor homes and trailers, but also simulators, lawn mowers, bicycles, boats, boats under the brands FinnMaster, Silver and Grandezza. The production of trailers, cottages engaged in tandem Solifer Group AB, which includes Polar.

How did success begin

The history of Polar is very similar to other companies that work in the field of caravanning. Back in 1964, two friends gathered a trailer for themselves. But they did it so well that they immediately received nine orders from their friends, who saw the result of their work. This was the first steps in the development of the company. The creation of the “brainchild” of Arista Detleffs and Alfred Thubbert developed along the same lines. The personal interest of two young people gave birth to a firm known to the whole world.

Main highlight

Today, the brand is the best-selling in Sweden. Its main advantage is improved thermal insulation, which makes vans suitable for life even in the conditions of a fierce winter. In addition to the fact that all Polar trailers have thickened warm walls, they have water floor heating. Even the standard versions have a water-heated floor. Analogs of such models is except that of the Germans. One has only to recall a special winter series from Dethleffs Snow or LMC Muensterland.

Without too much pathos

Swedes do not want to engage in inventing the names of trailers, cottages. Instead of vivid names that bump into memory for a long time, Polar uses numeric markings (for example, Polar 6200) for its sub-brands, each of which has at least two layouts, or even more. The Polar model range includes small and large versions, designed for seven people, as well as high-price trailers.

In the production of caravans, Swedes pay considerable attention not only to a stylish exterior design, but also to the creation of a cozy interior space. Germans for interior use materials that imitate wood. But the Scandinavians all the wall panels and countertops, with the exception of the kitchen, make white. Due to this, the walls merge with the ceiling, and the internal space visually increases, so a person feels more comfortable and free inside. And large sizes are the hallmark of luxury caravans. In such a motorhome you always feel protected and relaxed. There is everything for recreation and full travel.

Watch the video: Polar. Official Trailer HD. Netflix (January 2020).


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