Motorhomes from the company Rimor - harmony of comfort, reliability and safety

The Italian company Rimor, which specializes in the production of luxury models of motorhomes, has been setting its own trends in the world of caravans for more than 30 years. Products of this brand is a real standard of quality and functionality. After all, engineers who are engaged in the development of new models of "mobile homes" always strive to satisfy all the demands of consumers. That is why the Rimor motorhomes are popular today not only in Europe, but throughout the world.

How did it all begin?

The Rimor company was founded on January 17, 1978 - during the period when caravanning was just beginning to emerge as a special culture. In those days, the "motor home" was a kind of "wonder" in the automotive market. And such an innovation began to attract the attention of more and more buyers.

The founder of this Italian brand is Luano Nicolai. Since his youth, he was engaged in repairing and assembling cars, and soon the ordinary hobby grew into a business of international proportions. Currently, Rimor offices and dealerships are in many countries around the world. And the annual turnover of the organization reaches 3-4 billion euros. Despite the fact that the brand is already firmly entrenched in the global market and successfully competes with other giants of the automotive industry in the production of motorhomes, the company still does not stop at what has been achieved and continues to delight lovers of caravans with new models of "caravans".

Rimor motorhome range: features and benefits

Today, the Italian company Rimor produces 4 series of comfort-class motorhomes:

  • Europeo. Rimor Europeo semi-integrated campers combine stylish elegant design, luxurious interior and impeccable level of comfort. They are developed on the basis of Fiat and Ford brand chassis, thanks to which all the models of motor homes from this series are perfectly adapted to the difficult road conditions. High-quality assembly and use of durable materials in the body structure can significantly reduce the cost of planned and current repairs and avoid premature breakdowns. All models of motorhomes from the Rimor Europeo line are distinguished by a variety of interior layouts and a rich package bundle. They have everything that is necessary for a full life "on the road" - toilets, shower stalls, comfortable furniture, kitchen equipment, heating, etc.
  • Katamarano. Motorhomes Rimor Katamarano differ from their predecessors and heirs in larger sizes and large capacity. Depending on the specific model, they can contain from 4 to 6 beds. Therefore, Rimor Katamarano mobile homes are ideal for those who prefer to travel in a large company or with their families. In terms of the technical equipment of the motorhome from this model range, they are almost identical to their counterparts from the same price category.
  • Seal. This model range includes compact and economical motorhomes, designed for 2-4 people. They differ in rather modest dimensions and small capacity. However, this minor drawback is fully compensated by the high maneuverability and controllability of the vehicle. In addition, the reduction in overall dimensions and living space in Rimor Seal autochairs made it possible to achieve more economical fuel consumption.
  • Superbrig. Motorhomes from the Superbrig series are an ideal choice for lovers of automotive tourism. Spacious, spacious, dynamic, safe and equipped with the latest technology - they will be indispensable for those who appreciate true quality and comfort. In addition, the Rimor Superbrig “caravans”, despite its very impressive dimensions, have a fairly low fuel consumption - about 9-10 l / 100 km when driving in urban areas. The only drawback of motor homes in this series is their high cost - from $ 45,000 and up (depending on the model and year of manufacture).

What to expect from Rimor in the future?

The Italian company Rimor in its activities adheres to the principle of "improving every day." Its employees always strive to correct previous mistakes and take into account previous experience in their new developments. Therefore, new technologies are regularly introduced at the company's plants, which makes it possible to significantly improve the performance of new models of motor homes and make them safer, more dynamic and more comfortable. It suffices to compare the early models of Europeo campers with the latest versions of the "mobile homes" from the Superbrig series - and the progress in the development of the company will be evident.

To date, the company management has not published any information about the new model lines of Rimor motorhomes. However, fans of this Italian brand can be absolutely sure: the company will once again delight customers with their new products.

Watch the video: Rimor Europeo 95 plus (April 2020).


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