Roller team

The company "Trigano Spa" in 2002 launched a new line of motor homes under the brand name "Roller Team". The popularity of the brand was brought by excellent product quality that meets all international requirements, and affordable price, which is lower than German and French (leaders in production in Europe, mobile homes). Capricious Europeans always appreciate the build quality, and the Italian brand "Roller Team" has it at the highest level, so the most demanding customers give it its due.

How to succeed

The manufacturer of motor homes "Trigano Spa" never stops at the achieved successful result. He is characterized by the constant improvement of their products. So, in 2009 his parent company improved all the processes and stages of production. Many components of motorhomes were brought to the same template system, among them are vehicles manufactured under the brand "Roller Team". This optimization of production made it possible to manufacture a wide range of products on the same production lines, which allowed us to make the products even better, while at the same time reducing the price. Such a reasonable company policy helped her to stand on her feet during the last global economic crisis.

In 2014, the manufacturer decided to cooperate with the Italian concern FIAT. Thanks to this, a new generation of campers began to be produced under the “Roller Team” brand name, and a unique opportunity to do at home on wheels to individual customer requests was presented. As a result, another premium consumer market segment has become available for the brand.

What we love "Roller Team"

There are nine main reasons for the success of the brand:

1) Many years of experience. For more than a third of a century, the Trigano Group has been able to accumulate the invaluable knowledge base needed to implement bold innovative solutions and launch convenient, relatively inexpensive motorhomes for caravanning lovers. Quickly taking a leading position in the engineering industry in their homeland, the company soon gained the respect and recognition of all Europeans.

2) Excellent service. "Roller Team" products can be purchased at more than 200 points of sales throughout Europe, in addition there is a developed network of repair service centers that employ competent specialists speaking many languages.

3) High quality products. "Roller Team" has built an impeccable reputation due to the introduction of many innovative technological discoveries. Control at all stages of production gave an amazing result - the creation of reliable functional motorhomes, which received the highest quality certificates.

4) Original Italian design. The manufacturer is very scrupulous in matters of style. Maximum attention to every little detail is what characterizes this brand. The best traditions of design art are embodied in every mobile home in order to make any trip bright and unforgettable.

5) A variety of choices. Production only of what is demanded by the consumer with the possibility of making future changes has helped to create 36 models, differing in cost, technical indicators, finishing with specifications and internal configuration.

6) Mandatory testing of products. All inventions of the brand are tested for safety and reliability at every stage of the production process. Before being sent to the end consumer, certified specialists check the fuel system, wind tunnel, noise, exclude the possibility of external leakage, test the vehicle operation under extreme weather conditions, and take environmental control into account.

7) Quality mark. The brand has proper quality standards certificates, such as UNI EN ISO 9001 for QUALITY, OHSAS 18001 SAFETY and UNI EN ISO 14001 for the ENVIRONMENT.

8) Exclusive production cycle modes. Thoughtful production has helped to minimize complex technological operations and has made it possible to concentrate on flexibility.

9) Products proven by time. Sensitivity to the demands of the market, vast experience helped to create the name of the Roller Team, which is considered worldwide.

10) All lovers of traveling brand "Roller Team" gives a feeling of home, safe freedom of movement with family and friends on comfortable cars. A large selection of motor homes at an affordable price will not leave anyone indifferent.

And also, the Roller Team motorhomes are unlimited comfort for the owner. After all, there is:

  • full media package. You can listen to the radio, play music, watch TV and even arrange a family cinema.
  • GPS navigator. You will never go astray.
  • Solar panel for heating.
  • The ExPS system, which provides protection against water leaks, moisture ingress into the trailer, and also provides noise and heat insulation.
  • Thermo package. This motorhome is also suitable for the conditions of the Russian winter.
  • Large luggage compartment. You can travel for your pleasure, taking everything you need.
  • Energy-saving lighting. The manufacturer took care that the owner of the caravan did not pay more.
  • Spacious kitchen, dining room, equipped with everything necessary.
  • A rising bedroom to create more space.

In this autohouse you will always be comfortable and convenient. For travel is a pleasure.



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