The Scandinavian company Solifer has been engaged in bicycle manufacturing since 1956. In 1965, the manufacturer decided to reach a new level and launched the release of the first trailer dachas Solifer Camping, Solifer Goldie and Solifer Jupiter, which became popular among the travelers who wanted to get an equipped trailer for reasonable money. In 2014, the company closed, which caused a wave of regret and indignation among those who fell in love with this brand.

Brand features

The word "solifer" in Latin means "carrying the light." It became quite unexpected. Instead of assigning the company the name of the founder, the burghers chose a different, more interesting way. They used this Latin word to emphasize the fact that the company is going to bring light to the market first for bicycles and now for summer cottages trailers for a long time.

Since 2000, Solifer has been part of the SoliferPolar AB tandem, and has also been a member of the Solifer Group. A continuation of their long-standing love of cycling was the production of sports equipment. At the same time, manufacturers did not stop on exercise bikes alone. In the assortment there are various simulators for all muscle groups, and in addition, if necessary, it is possible to order special sports equipment.

The company Solifer constantly gave the name to its new creations, unlike its competitors Cabby and Swedish colleagues Polar. In 2008, the manufacturer had two creations: Finlandia and Artic. In the 2010 season, they had 25 layouts, and Finlandia had a layout of 690 RN, featuring a large bathroom at the end of the trailer.

The model range is created for everyone: from youth to family couples. In trailers, cottages comfortable for children, which is important for large families. Inside, everything looks pretty nice: imitating light wood furniture panels, smooth worktops, various upholstery options and silver fittings. Multifunctional round mirrors remained at the same places, They increase the space, creating the feeling of a big house. So it seems that you are not in a trailer, but in a room of a small apartment. Moreover, this detail has always been present in the models of Solifer, which was another trademark of the brand.

The entrance to the trailer cottage is located from the very beginning, since the Scandinavians decided to place the bedroom at the end. This allowed to hang on the wall one of the big mirrors. Germans have a different location. They place the bedroom at the beginning, and in place of the mirror set the window. Swedes hang mirrors in the bedroom itself.

Solifer caravans keep warm well, even at such low temperatures as low as -40 ° C. And all thanks to the heated floors, as well as the tightness of the windows and the entrance.

For those who love the caravans of this manufacturer, the news of the closure of the company in 2014 was a regrettable event. So, Solifer is now a caravanning story.

Watch the video: THE NORTHERN - Solifer Official Stream (April 2020).


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