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"Rest should be comfortable. And no matter where you are, you should always feel at home. And this is possible only if the house is always with you," is the main principle of the Dutch company Westfalia-Automotive, which 1966 produces turnbuckles, easily installed on various platforms.

From the blacksmith shop to the famous camper

The company Westfalia appeared in 1844 thanks to Johansen Byrd Nobel, who opened his own blacksmith shop. For a long time, the main specialization was the manufacture of metal products for various purposes. Only in 1932 under the Westfalia brand began to produce traction coupling devices for trailers, and in 1966 the company began to produce towbars with a removable ball. In 1987, the system was improved, the quick-release mechanism became fully automatic.

First awards

In 1994, the European directive 94/20 was adopted in Europe, according to which the first certificate of conformity was issued to Westfalia for the towbars produced by them. In 1995, the brand launched the production of the first aluminum trailers, which in 1996 received the EUROPEAN ALUMINUM AWARD. In 2010, Westfalia was awarded the German magazine "auto, motor und sport" as the best brand.

New Horizons

In 1999, the division into WESTFALIA-Automotive GmbH & Co and Westfalia-Werke GmbH & Co, which began to separately specialize in the manufacture of campers, trailers and towbars. In 2002, the brand started production of electric trailers.

Improving technology, the company acquired in 2006 the production capacity of the French company SIARR, and in 2007 - the Swedish Monoflex.


The Westfalia brand is familiar to many, as a manufacturer of not only towbars and caravans. So, since 2008, Westfalia bicycle racks, car racks, and coupling devices have become popular in the Russian market. Motorhomes have become one of the areas of production of the brand based on their own developments, as well as joint projects with well-known automakers.

If we talk about Westfalia caravans, they are distinguished by their low price while creating optimal conditions for living during the trip. Among the popular models of residential cars Westfalia can be identified:

  • Minivan Westfalia Michelangelo, presented in 2003. For the convenience of travelers, it has a refrigerator, double stove, wardrobe, sink. The model is presented in various versions for 2, 3, 4.5 and 6 seats.
  • In 2009, Westfalia released a new autohouse on the basis of Fiat Scudo, in which there are places for 6 people, a kitchen, a bathroom, spacious drawers for things.
  • Westfalia Columbus, released in 2012 based on Fiat Ducato. It has a double bed transforming bed, sink, shower, toilet, gas stove, refrigerator.
  • WESTFALIA James Cook - a comfortable motorhome based on a Mercedes, will provide you with high mobility and the opportunity to rest anywhere.
  • Westfalia Club Joker is a Volkswagen mobile home. It is possible to travel in four. There is a bathroom, a kitchen and places for recreation.

In general, the Westfalia motorhome is mobility and comfort. They can travel on any road, knowing that the house is always where you are.

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