Is a category B driver's license enough to travel with a trailer (caravan) on public roads?

It is enough in two cases (Decree of October 24, 2014 "Rules for conducting qualifying examinations for the right to drive and issue driver's licenses." Clause 25. Sub-paragraph b):

  1. Your trailer does not exceed a maximum weight of 750 kg.
  2. Your road train (your car and trailer in total) does not exceed the allowed maximum weight of 3500 kg. The maximum mass of the trailer should not exceed the curb weight of the tractor.

If your trailer exceeds the maximum 750 kg., And in the amount of your road train exceeds the allowed 3500 kg., You need category "E" to "B".

You can download this law in full on the official website of the traffic police in the "regulatory documents" section (direct link to Resolution No. 1097 of October 24, 2014 - //

If you only have category “B” open, and the maximum weight of your trailer dacha is more than 750 kg, be sure to print out this law and carry it along with the other documents. So you can quickly and competently, based on the facts, put the "forgetful" inspector in his place.


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