What are the features of driving with a motorhome-trailer?

The trailer, especially loaded, significantly reduces the acceleration dynamics of the car and increases the braking distance. This must be taken into account when braking and overtaking.

It is necessary to brake smoothly - regardless of whether the trailer is empty or loaded. It is important to observe the distance to the car ahead. Before turning, it is better to slow down in advance, and to go through the “tension” itself. Jerks when braking, especially when cornering, can cause the trailer or car to skid and “fold”.

At high speeds, the trailer is rocking from side to side. According to traffic regulations, the maximum speed of a passenger car with a trailer outside settlements on highways should not exceed 90 km / h, on other roads - 70 km / h.

When driving with a trailer much more complicated to rebuild in the flow of cars, maneuvering and parking in urban areas. Particularly difficult is the reverse movement. At the same time a large trailer worsens the rear view.

So, in the salon mirror, for example, it becomes nothing but its own trailer-dacha, is not visible. However, if necessary, you can install additional, so-called caravan, rear-view mirrors. They are installed either on the hood of the car, or on the standard rear-view mirrors. With trailers with a large body area - such as a trailer dacha or a tilt truck - you need to be careful when driving in a strong wind.

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