Do I need to undergo maintenance on the trailer?

Yes. It is necessary to regularly conduct maintenance of your residential trailer in specialized maintenance stations or from private specialists (in Russia there are both).

Suspension. It is necessary to conduct regular maintenance torsion bar suspension. Otherwise, torsions can “turn sour” (especially for old caravans, of which most in Russia) and stop absorbing vibrations from the road. This can lead to furniture falling off in the cabin, loosening of the walls and fatal cracks on the trailer frame itself.

Brakes. All trailers have a rolling braking system. It is necessary to check the state of wear of the brake pads, to carry out the correct adjustment of the brake force, to ensure that the brake cylinder on the trailer coupling device is sufficiently lubricated and has the necessary "stroke".

Gas equipment. In order to avoid leaks of both propane-butane and CO2 from the refrigerator and gas stove, you should regularly check all connections in the gas pipeline and gas outlet. This is done by a special device that reacts to the concentration in the air of propane and CO2. In general, it is better to put such a device in the cabin of the trailer permanently. It is not large and weighs little, but it will constantly monitor the levels of harmful concentrations and if there is a risk of danger, it will immediately give an alarming sound and light signal.

Sealing. It is necessary to periodically inspect your residential trailer (especially if it is for many years) for the presence of leaks in the joints of cladding panels and window frames. It is always cheaper to close the gap at an early stage of its development than to change half the damp wall of the trailer.

Light fixtures. Periodically it is necessary to check the performance of the lighting devices both on the trailer and on the car, as well as the reliability and performance of all contacts on the tow bar socket. Working light devices are a guarantee of your safety on the road.

Water pipes. If your trailer has stationary tanks for fresh water of a large displacement, it is necessary to periodically conduct anti-bacterial treatment of the tank with special "tablets". They can be purchased at various specialized online stores and electronic catalogs.

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