Airstream 685

Airstream announced that at the annual exhibition The Motorhome, Caravan & Camping Show (where the main topic of which will be to buy a motorhome, buy a trailer dacha, buy a residential trailer, buy a camper, buy a house on wheels, buy a trailer), which will be held in London from 14 February 19, 2012, will present its new model Airstream 685! This roomy caravan on wheels will be focused on a large family, which all Airstream campers previously lacked. The new Airstream 685 is based on the previous generation of the two-axle motor home Airstream 684 Series 2 2.5 meters wide and is distinguished from it by the presence of three single beds in the back of the camper.

Anthony Slokok, technical director of Airstream in Europe, said: "Since we brought the large two-axle motor home Airstream 684 to the European market, we were sure that we still need to produce a trailer for families with two or three children. New caravan Airstream 685 is designed in such a way that 5 people can sleep with individual comfort, and we think it will be a great success. "

The new ingenious layout has three beds, framed by an Italian-made aluminum alloy. The upper bunk is 1913 * 765 mm in size, the average is 1822 * 718mm, and the lower one is 1978 * 753mm. Includes wooden skeleton frame and mattress, 100 mm thick. Each bed has individual lighting and a 12V socket. The bedroom has 5 drawers, which means the trailer cottage Airstream 685 is quite roomy and can take on all five family members with their belongings and fit everyone comfortably.

The back of the caravan becomes a real bedroom when the bathroom door opens 90 degrees, separating the front and back of the trailer. Airstream camper from the front can have a double bed 2212 * 1392 mm. Or 2 single beds 1781 * 710 mm. each
The new trailer cottage Airatream 685 also has an enlarged shower cabin, kitchen and living room.

"For many years, it has always been an interest to have an Airstream residential trailer for large European families, and now we can provide such a mobile home for a family of 5 people. The family camper has never been so luxurious and we are delighted with the results."

You can buy a residential trailer Airstream International 685 in Europe from 75,000 euros. Receiving orders is carried out in the spring.

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