Airstream. My lifestyle is freedom!

Airstream is the oldest and one of the most popular trailer manufacturers in America. Airstream trailers from around the world are recognized as reliable, functional with an individual, unique design, the demand for which has not decreased for eighty years.

The company's history began with the fact that the founding father William (Wally, as his friends called him) Byam made the trailer according to his own drawings in the courtyard of his house and published his design in one of the magazines, and then, after the success of the article, published a brochure "How build a $ 100 trailer. " The profits from the sale of the publication went to establish a full-fledged production of trailers in 1931.

Aircraft designer William Boulus was the second person to complete the Airstream story. He owned a small plywood trailer assembly company, which Airstream absorbed. The first aluminum trailer Airstream with the fuselage of the aircraft and porthole windows, the design of which was painted by William Boulus, became the hallmark of Airstream for many decades to come.

The mass production of aluminum trailers familiar to us began in 1936 with the Clipper model developed by Bolus. Clipper was the embodiment of the auto-traveler’s dream: aviation aerodynamic design, swiftness, lightness, comfort. The remaining models were different variations on the Clipper van. The release of Airstream lasted until the Second World War, when aluminum became a strategic metal and all went to the needs of the US Army. After the war, in 1945, the production of trailers was resumed with an emphasis on new customers: young families and former soldiers.

Wally Byam was a promoter of the nomadic way of life and in 1951 headed for South America, for which he created the international Airstream fan club. Wally Byam Caravan Club - a community of enthusiastic travelers who have traveled all over the world on Airstream trailers! So, in 1959, a rally was held across Africa, from Cape Town to Cairo. We arrived to Moscow. In these trips, Wally often took part himself. This club still exists, with 21,000 crews. Members of this club are constantly exploring new routes for traveling with a trailer cottage, and then publish them for autotravelers. It was the club members who brought worldwide fame to the Airstream brand and made traveling in a trailer an integral feature of the American way of life!

In the early 70s, the US government became interested in Airstream trailers. Airstream began to be used for secondment of top government officials, and Airstream trailers were actively used in space programs.

The astronauts of the famous Apollo II lunar project after their return were acclimatized in the Airstream trailer, converted for medical purposes. NASA continues to transport astronauts to the launch site of the launch site in Airstream trailers. All military cargo planes are also equipped with a platform for the transport of the Airstream.

The first autohouse from Airstream appeared in 1979. The layout remains the same as that of the car trailers: toilet and shower with a huddle in the back of the motorhome, a bedroom in the center, a kitchen and closets in front of the motorhome. From the innovations it is worth noting that there was a refrigerator and oven, radio and air conditioning.

Time passed and the design gradually changed from aviation to smoother, rounded shapes. Inside there was a solid, built-in furniture, air conditioning and a single control unit for all systems.

Airstream does not stop at improving its product today. The latest model was the conceptual model Land Yaht, showing the departure from aircraft design to the ship. Naturally such a trailer heaped up with all modern gadgets, as well as fasteners for bicycles and kayaks.

Today, Airstream trailers around the world are considered premium mobile homes. They emphasize the consistency of the owner, independence and even stardom (airstream trailers are rarely used as mobile dressing rooms for the most expensive stars). The merit of the founders and manufacturers of Airstream trailers is that they gave the world a new form of worldview, where the main lifestyle is freedom, which thousands of people around the world have already chosen!

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