Rent a motorhome in Estonia

Retrailer has a branch in Estonia! We offer rental motor homes for 4-6 people, as well as trailers, cottages.
Now you no longer need to shake to Europe on the broken roads of Russia, and the best part is that you can rent a motorhome or a caravan at European prices!

To rent a motorhome in Estonia, you need to:

1. Book a motorhome (leave a prepayment) at the Moscow office of Retrailer.
2. Get to Pskov (Russia) by train / plane / car.
3. From Pskov our transfer (VW minivan with 6 seats) will take you to the rental site of motorhomes in Estonia (60 km from Pskov).
4. Conclude a rental agreement, pay the full rental price and deposit, plunge into the motorhome you like and go on to your adventures!

All the details here.

Watch the video: MOTORHOME SALE & HIRE in Estonia, Caravan Movie (April 2020).


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