Renting a motor home

Renting a mobile home: advantages and opportunities

Any traveler has to solve a number of boring everyday questions: what to take with you, how to pack things, which hotel to stay in, and so on. In an unfamiliar city you have to pay a lot of money for a hotel room or a rental housing, and when you go out of town, a tourist expects to sleep on a hard rug in a tent soaked in the rain. However, renting a mobile home will help get rid of all these inconveniences: you will get a high level of comfort and you can go anywhere.

What is a motor home?

A classic caravan is a light commercial or truck chassis with a residential module installed on it. The living space can be located directly in the van or in the trailer, such trailers are also called caravans. In a small space, it is possible to equip a full-fledged dwelling with all the city amenities: a dry closet, a shower, a kitchen with a sink and a stove - all this allows you to travel long distances without deny a high level of comfort.

This service, as renting a motorhome, is widespread in many countries. For travelers, it opens up several profitable opportunities:

• You can not limit yourself in choosing routes. Wherever you are, you will be comfortable and convenient: you can go to any city for holidays and festivals, go fishing, overcome tourist routes and, even away from civilization, feel great.
• This is a great solution for both single travelers and families with children. Not only young romantics travel in motorhomes abroad, but also retirees, since such transport allows you to not deny yourself home comfort.
• It’s just very interesting and exciting if you want to travel with a motorhome for the first time.

In Europe and the United States, special campgrounds are set up for motor homes, in which the car can be installed for an indefinite period. In Russia, such an infrastructure is only beginning to develop, but there are no hard limitations either. For example, in Europe, the autohouse cannot travel to the streets in the city center or stop at the usual parking lot. Under Russian law, it is considered an ordinary car, and no special requirements are imposed on it.

Types of motor homes

Rental homes on wheels will allow you to rent various types of transport, equipped for permanent residence. They can be designed to accommodate from 2 to 9 people, the trailer of motorhomes with trailers vary considerably in size. All motor homes are divided into cars and trailers: in the first case, the motorhome is an independent means of transportation, in the second it needs a tractor to move along the road.

In the European classification there are several varieties of motor homes:

• Integrated cars in which the cabin is part of the living space. These are cars of high level of comfort with a unique design, they are considered elite. This is the most expensive option, but it will allow you to forget almost any inconvenience along the way.
• Semi-integrated motorhomes are mainly equipped on the chassis of Fiat, Renault, Ford and other European brands. The residential body is mounted on a standard chassis, such cars have excellent maneuverability and good driving characteristics. Body sizes are limited, this is a good option for a small family.
• Kastenvagen - residential minivan. In Europe, they are usually used for short trips out of town or for comfortable family travel over short distances. Minivan is equipped with furniture and basic amenities.
• Alcove mobile homes are the best option for a large company. Above the driver’s cabin there is an alcove with a built-in double bed, a spacious body allows even a large group of travelers to comfortably accommodate.

Advantages of renting a mobile home

Rent a motorhome - the perfect solution for a comfortable trip. In Russian conditions, few can afford to buy and maintain a motorhome, but it can be easily rented. Our company offers a large selection of vehicles, a good solution can be selected for any number of passengers.

Renting a mobile home in Moscow is provided on favorable terms: a minimum set of documents is enough to get a fully equipped mobile housing for temporary use. Dozens of regular customers work with us, who have already realized all the advantages of this option of rest. To get a motorhome for rent in Moscow, call us right now!

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