Rent a caravan in Moscow

The new summer season is not far off, and we are pleased to once again offer the rental of caravans in Moscow. We are glad to announce that we have a seriously updated range of caravans. Winter caravans will also be available for rent. All caravans will now be equipped with a hot water boiler and shower. Each will have a rechargeable battery, and some will have a solar panel for comfortable and autonomous living in all conditions. A six-seat (six-way) caravan for a large family can also appear.

Taking a caravan from Retrailer for rent you can go on vacation along the Black Sea coast of Krasnodar region or in the Crimea, having saved well on vacation. Also, to any caravan, you can additionally be able to rent a gasoline generator (1 or 3 kW), as well as our brand universal air conditioner for the camper.

The rent of a caravan in Krasnodar is still available. There you will find a spacious motorhome.

There is not much time left before the season, so book your favorite trailer or mobile home for rent in advance.

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