Grimvagena rental

When organizing outdoor events, be it a concert, filming or open-air, it is necessary to provide artists and musicians with suitable conditions for work and play. Grmwagen rental will help to do this - a special vehicle equipped specifically for the needs of show business. A mobile make-up room will allow you to experience no inconvenience and focus on the creative process. Such a mobile home is created using advanced technological advances.

Features and capabilities of grimwagen

The dressing room on wheels is a full-fledged autohouse designed for use in any conditions. Insulated body and built-in heating system will ensure the use of such transport in winter and summer. Good speed will allow time to deliver the cast to the location of the shooting or performance. However, its main advantages are not only practical, but also a maximum set of amenities:

  • Equipped toilet room and shower will provide an adequate level of comfort on the site for filming or a concert. The package includes a complete set of necessary furniture. In the residential module created a cozy home interior. The conditioner will provide stable pleasant temperature in hot weather.
  • Renting a mobile dressing room will help provide the cast with everything you need to work. In such a vehicle has already been equipped with a make-up room, there is a place for costumes and stage equipment. This will allow you to deliver everything you need without any problems.
  • Comfortable equipment is equipped with an electric generator, lighting, power of the system is sufficient for the work of the necessary equipment. Warm and cold light is created for make-up, mirrors are installed, and all conditions for storing suits are provided.

Equipped dressing room, wardrobe complex will allow the stars to please the public with a dazzling appearance and excellent mood. Good technical equipment will make it possible to solve a number of problems on the site, and at the same time it will be possible to do with minimal costs.

The advantages of renting a dressing room on wheels

Lease grimvagena in Moscow in demand from many organizations related to show business and holding various events away from the city. Not every studio can afford to buy their own mobile dressing room, and this is not always the case. To provide artists with everything they need for a few days of filming, it is enough to rent a mobile dressing room designed specifically for these purposes.

Order rental grimvagen in our company is worth it for several reasons:

  • We provide clients with temporary use of actor's cabs, already equipped with everything necessary. All questions on equipment can be discussed in advance with a specialist, we are trying to fulfill all the wishes of customers.
  • Grimvagen will be provided exactly at the appointed time, it is guaranteed to be clean and fully ready for use. Equipment and equipment of the make-up complex will be fully operational, there will be no failures and unpleasant surprises at the site.
  • We provide a selection of grimvagenov, and you can easily choose the appropriate option. The choice depends on the cast, the characteristics of the performance or on-site shooting, our specialists will take into account all the individual requirements.
  • We guarantee favorable prices for the rental of a mobile dressing room. Grimvagen is transferred for temporary use for a certain number of days, the cost of rent depends on its duration.

Fully equipped mobile make-up room will allow you to shoot clips, commercials, conduct offsite corporate events, promotions and much more. The invited stars will appreciate the care they deserve: good working conditions and comfort in preparing for the performance will allow you to get excellent results and get rave reviews from the public.

How to rent grimvagen?

To get a mobile make-up room for temporary use, call our numbers today. We are always ready to find the most suitable solution for you, and you will be convinced that we offer the most favorable and affordable prices. Our services are used by metropolitan film studios, advertising agencies and many other companies that have to conduct outdoor events.

Rent for a certain period will significantly reduce the cost of the event. This is a particularly advantageous solution for small film studios with a limited budget: the rental of grimvagen will not save on the training of artists and at the same time do without the minimum cost. You can take advantage of the favorable offer right now: just call us and you will be satisfied with your choice.


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