Mobile office rent

Do you have an outdoor event? In the center of Moscow or outside the city. But there are no human conditions for rest? We are ready to provide for rent a comfortable mobile office for the best conduct of your event.

In our mobile office you can comfortably work with documents, have lunch and cook dinner, go to the toilet and shower, negotiate, sleep.

What is a mobile office from Retrailer? These are comfortable and roomy European caravans (caravans), which represent a full-fledged small, but at the same time mobile home.

What is equipped with a mobile office from Retrailer? It is equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable stay during your event, namely:

  • Comfortable sofas and tables, if desired, transforming in the bedroom space
  • Full kitchen (gas stove, refrigerator and sink)
  • Stock of clean water
  • Water heating function (from electricity or gas)
  • Heating (from electricity or gas)
  • WC and shower
  • Indoor lighting

You can use the same with the mobile office to rent a gasoline electric generator (1 or 3 kW) and our universal air conditioner.

All available for rent mobile offices from Retrailer.

We ourselves will deliver the mobile office to the venue of your event, install it on poles, connect the communications and conduct detailed instructions.

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