Car transporter trailer rental

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Retrailer expands rental fleet. Now you can rent a model of a German towing trailer. A feature of this trailer is its low frame position and small size of wheels. This allows you to feel more confident at high speeds.

The same feature of this model is a lifting platform that allows for fast loading and unloading. Trailer carriage is designed for the transportation of cars and SUVs, as well as special equipment and emergency cars. To do this, on the trailer auto transporter installed manual winch.

Carrying capacity is 2000 kg.

The cost of renting a towing trailer:

  • 2500 rubles per day
  • 2000 rubles per day (from 2 days).

Details on the page of autocar trailer rental in Moscow.

Watch the video: How to Load a Car onto a U-Haul Auto Transport (April 2020).


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