Rental trailer for travel

To travel a long distance, it is not necessary to look for a place in a hotel or take bulky uncomfortable tents with you. Modern technology allows you to take a house with you: it’s enough to rent a caravan. This is a trailer, the inner space of which is fully equipped for living space: it can comfortably accommodate up to 6 people, and you will be able to sleep comfortably in parking lots without feeling any discomfort.

Retrailer offers a residential trailer rental, equipped with everything necessary for comfortable living. Rent will cost not critically expensive and will forget about all the inconveniences on the way.

How does the trailer cottage?

Residential trailer, rental of which is offered by Retrailer, is equipped with everything you need for living. They have heating, lighting, shower, toilet, equipped kitchen - you can go anywhere and at the same time provide full urban comfort. In the countries of Europe, camping sites are equipped for this type of transportation - special parking areas where you can replenish water and fuel supplies, as well as purchase everything you need. In Russian conditions, the infrastructure is underdeveloped, however, you can rent a trailer for an autonomous comfortable living.

The main advantage of renting a tourist trailer is complete freedom of movement: you can go there to the mountains, to the sea, to any other city along famous tourist routes. Hundreds of people have already tried this opportunity and were convinced of how convenient it is.

There are several types of caravans:

  • Caravan - the most comfortable option, designed for permanent residence. It is suitable, for example, to travel to the sea for the entire period of vacation, as it has everything you need. Such a trailer can be uniaxial or biaxial, depending on the size and the expected load, they are necessarily equipped with a bathroom and a kitchen unit.
  • Trailer-tent - the easiest solution, designed for temporary residence in the country. The design of the trailer tent allows you to lift the awning in a few minutes, and inside will be quite spacious. It is transported by an ordinary passenger car, and for it it is not necessary to obtain additional rights of category BE.
  • Residential module for pickup. It is installed on the pickup, if necessary, it can be removed. Depending on the size of the module, it can accommodate up to 6 people.

Renting a trailer dacha is the most convenient and profitable solution. On country trips, travelers have to spend most of all on paying for their stay, and the hotel does not always provide an adequate level of comfort. It is necessary to solve many domestic inconveniences and forget about home comfort for the whole trip. The trailer-dacha will allow not to depend on other people's rules and go to any point of the country for any period.

Features of the choice of trailer dacha

This technique is produced by more than 25 foreign manufacturers, and this allows you to choose the optimal solution for any company of travelers. The biggest biaxial trailers are designed for two families: they will be comfortable with a company of up to 6 people. Although the package includes baby beds, many adults can sleep on them, this additionally expands the possibilities of use.

The package initially includes a water tank with a boiler for heating, a drain tank, regular batteries to provide electricity, a refrigerator, and the necessary set of furniture. Filling tanks with water and charging batteries is carried out at campgrounds using a special connection. In Russia, the infrastructure for such vehicles is developed on popular tourist routes, this allows not to worry about ensuring comfort.

Rental trailer dacha - a good solution for those who rely on long parking. This technique is designed for smooth, neat driving: the speed limit should not exceed 70 km / h in the city and 90 km / h on the highway. Skill with a loaded trailer is necessary to avoid any unpleasant surprises on the way.

Renting a house-trailer will allow you to discover new opportunities: with it, you will be able to travel in any direction, and you will be able to relax from the city bustle in parking lots without denying yourself the usual amenities. The staff of our company will help you choose and rent the right equipment, we offer favorable and affordable conditions. Such a service is in growing demand not only in European countries and the United States, but also in Russian conditions. Take advantage of the best deals today.

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