Autotravelbox - the autohouse in your car!

The Russian company Autotravelbox has launched an original accessory for the production of a quick overnight stay in your car.

This thing will not be replaced by all tourists and auto travelers, who prefer to stay in a car in the bosom of a wild nature or car park for the usual hotel rooms.

In the traveling state, the product from Autotravelbox is a collection case consisting of very durable plastic panels and aluminum pipes. The very idea was borrowed from the Swedish company Swissroombox, but it is worth noting that the Russian design is not inferior in quality to the Swedes. When assembled, the case can be moved using a convenient handle and built-in wheels.

The case has 2 production options: in the "CAR" version you can arrange a berth in any passenger car with a two-volume body (hatchback or station wagon). If you have a minivan, then you are more suitable option "VAN". Weigh sets of "CAR" and "VAN" 29 and 38 kg. respectively.

Assembling and fixing this constructor does not require any intervention in your car. The back of the combined bed is fixed on the floor of the car and is adjustable in height. The front end is suspended from the front seatbelt and also has a height adjustment feature. Thus, no matter how your car is parked, you can always set your sleeper on the horizon.

According to the manufacturer, the arrangement of a bed in your car takes no more than 5 minutes. Also in each set there are easily removable picnic tables, the installation of which takes no more than two minutes.

With Autotravelbox you can wait with the purchase of a full-fledged motorhome and enjoy a comfortable rest away from civilization. Do not forget that the patency of a car is always better than that of a motorhome or a car coupled with a caravan. But in the case of Autotravelbox, you get a guaranteed hardtop over your head.

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