Motorhome on a trailer

Wandering through the expanses of stumbled upon an interesting homemade product. A small residential unit based on a regular passenger trailer. The module is made easily removable and equipped with four screw jacks. At the same time the trailer can be both cargo, and inhabited when it is necessary. This trailer is equipped with a double bed, wardrobes, a portable dry closet. Of course, the declared value of 14,000 Euros is clearly overestimated by Russian standards, but what a space for creativity! Such modules can be stamped for any passenger car trailers of various sizes and, depending on the size, can be equipped with a kitchen, a toilet room, and a full shower.

At the same time, the modules themselves are not a means of transport and in their production no certification or registration is necessary. Just put it in the back of the trailer "as a cargo" and went on a trip! And the trailer itself can always serve you as a cargo. It should be noted that here the residential module is very durable - the main chassis of the trailer takes the brunt, which in case of wear or accident can be replaced with a new one, and the module is simply transferred from the old one.

Here is a great theme for the citizens of the country Kulibin for creative flight and its speedy realization!

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Watch the video: Motorhome Trailer - Stow Flexx Folding Car Trailer Demonstration (January 2020).


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