Autotourism in Morocco

Despite the fact that the Arab country (although the local population calls itself Berbers and does not want to attribute itself to the Arabs), with all the ensuing consequences, caravanning in Morocco is very popular. This is mainly due to the fact that Morocco is adjacent to Spain, which in turn is part of the European Union. 30 minutes by ferry to separate Europe from Africa. From there, there is a continuous stream of campers and motorhomes with Europeans and other people who want to travel on wheels and at the same time save well. A trailer or caravan in Morocco is almost never encountered, because when traveling in Morocco, you often have to drive your motorhome or camper through mountain passes, and if you have a 7 meter caravan at the tail, make it less pleasant and indeed dangerously.

The most popular places in Morocco, where you can find a motorhome, trailer, cottage trailer, motor home or camper, of course, the Atlantic coast. Along the coast from Agadir to Tangier is a mass of campgrounds. Most campgrounds are poorly equipped, but the electricity in your residential car is always let down. Separately equipped toilets are also common. But all this is minor compared to what landscapes and views in Morocco will reveal to you. Like the country itself, most cities are very ancient, each has its own history and architectural feature. In big cities, there are fairly cramped streets full of vehicles. They go to Morocco terribly, the rules are observed only formally, and they drink and drive much more often than Russians. Although oddly enough, these facts seem to have no effect on accident rates — even in big cities, seeing the cars colliding is a lot of luck. But still, if you come to a big city, it is better to leave your home on wheels or motorhome in the parking lot and go further on foot. If you flew to Morocco and want to travel on wheels, in tourist cities you can offer services such as renting a motorhome, renting a camper, or renting a caravan. It’s possible to buy a mobile home there, but in general it’s not necessary. But the true delights of Morocco autotravel are far from the big cities. Breathtaking landscapes, sandy valleys overnight can be replaced by snow-covered mountains (as if in Switzerland), green meadows can quickly turn into stony ground. An incredible combination of everything that seemed to be seen only separately in different countries. You will be able to fully operate your motorhome in the South of Morocco.

The south of Morocco gives way to stony and, after this, sandy landscapes, while being quite poor. From settlements to most villages and counties. There are no supermarkets and good hotels, expensive restaurants ... yes there is nothing at all. Popular transport - donkey or worn pickup Renault. And the donkey is available in a variety of options: a donkey with a cart, a donkey with a dump truck, etc. If you decide to drive your motor home or camper to the South, then you should stock up with the necessary things (household chemicals, medicines, local currency, etc.) and be sure to have water. There are no problems with food, in every village you will find fresh meat and various vegetables. If you want to eat ready, preferring not your home on wheels, but local establishments like "cafe", then it will look like this: their bamboo frame in the form of a hut, a tarp on the roof, a couple of dirty work tables, a gas stove, furniture and a bloody carcass, scored yesterday, a goat, meditatively dangling on a hook. Despite the fact that the civilization in the South cat wept, and this cat cries exponentially, in proportion to your movement to the center of Africa, all residents are very smiling and friendly. Therefore, you can easily stop your camper for the night at any parking lot and not worry that you will not wake up in the morning. And if you choose your camper or motor home for a place to sleep, you can sleep in and relax more comfortably than in local hotels. Also, as they move to the Sahara Desert, lovers of extreme rest are beginning to appear on expedition trucks. In the desert, of course, the full extreme and the company you can make only the local Tuareg, well, or the same extreme as you. There is no one to hope for and no help to wait for.

Roads. In Morocco, there are both public roads and private toll autobahns. The quality of toll road coverage is very high, for which the mobile home will be very grateful to you. You can not say about the roads in the provinces. The smaller localities and, accordingly, the roads to them, the more gallant they are, and here the motorhome on the basis of a military transporter is more suitable than the Fiat Ducato. But if you rented a mobile home, you should not worry about it.

If you want to do caravanning in an African country, enjoy the amazing nature and the hot sun, and can spend time on the beaches of the Atlantic while not being afraid for your life every hour, Morocco is what you need!

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