Cross Lander. Off road is ours

We present to your attention the first Russian project of off-road trailer dacha - Cross Lander, which is truly worthy of attention.

The conditions set by the customer during production were quite in the Russian manner. The off-road trailer had to keep equally well both on the highway (pulled into an expensive Japanese SUV) and off-road (attached to the Soviet tracked all-terrain vehicle). Temperature range from - 30 ° C to 40 ° C.


Powerful ladder frame of its own design. Coating - hot galvanizing.

Suspension and brakes

Suspension suspension with dual shock absorbers Koni. Reliability and simplicity of construction - that is necessary away from the asphalt pavement. The dimension of the wheels - 315 / 75R16. The trailer is equipped with a mechanical knurled type brake system. Hub assembly with brake and brake cylinder with coupling device - manufactured by Knott.


The body of the trailer is made of aluminum welded frame with insulation.

Sheathed on both sides of the composite panel. Wall thickness - 30 mm. The roof of the trailer is made lifting, tilted. This allows in the back of the trailer cottages (namely in the kitchen and in the toilet) is in full growth.

The walls of the folding roof are made of solid fiberglass, which, unlike Australian and American counterparts, makes it resistant to wind and rain. On the sides of the trailer there are two plastic double-layer opening windows, as well as one behind in the rising section of the roof. All windows have a sun blind and a mosquito net. Production - Dometic / Seitz.

Along the perimeter of the trailer, protection against possible damage by branches and stones is installed. On the lower perimeter - from a steel pipe, on the top of the body - from aluminum. Behind it is a powerful bracket that carries a full-size spare tire, fuel cans, and a Hi Jack rack jack.

Water pipes

The trailer is equipped with a plastic tank for clean water with a heating capacity of 190 liters, which is based in the rear overhang between the frame side members and protected from damage by an aluminum sheet 6 mm thick.

The body has a filtration system and an external water pump with a pressure switch. Sink in the kitchen and shower in the toilet room.

Water is heated by a 14 l boiler built into the Truma Combi 4 E heater.

Also in the outer luggage flap is an additional outdoor shower.


The residential unit is heated by a combined gas / electric heater Truma Combi 4 E. The power of a gas burner is 4 kW, the power of an electric heating element is 1.8 kW. Warm air is supplied to the cabin through special air ducts, including the toilet.


The furniture is made from the same composite material as the wall cladding. Fastening material - rivets.

Power supply

A 130W monocrystalline solar panel is installed on the roof of the trailer.

The panel allows you to charge a helium battery with a capacity of 100 mAh, located inside the residential module.

It is also possible to charge the battery from the external network 220V, as well as from the generator of the car-tractor. There is a built-in inverter.


The kitchen of the off-road trailer is located at the back and consists of a sink, a gas stove for cooking, a Dometic refrigerator (12 / 220V or gas) and a worktop.


Initially, the trailer was built for four people. The bottom dining place is transformed into a double bed. The same double bed was planned in the lifting roof. But later the customer decided to refuse it.

It took nearly half a year to build this pilot. This trailer was delivered to the customer and has already successfully passed the first off-road tests.

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