Wooden motor home

In America, caravanning with a trailer cottage, which is a trailer with a wooden house erected on it, is becoming increasingly popular! Size of such "wooden" mobile homes can be like the rest of the trailers in America: large, very large and giant.

This current arose in different parts of America for various reasons. One of them says that when the owner lost his home, as a result of another hurricane, he had an idea how to make it so that at the first warning of an impending threat, you could quickly collect things, attach the house to your pickup go deep into the continent. And so the first wooden house on wheels appeared, and behind it the conveyor turned on.

For comfort, such houses are not inferior to traditional campers. There is a full kitchen, toilet and shower, gas heating. Berths are provided on the second floor. Just such a trailer cottage has a sloping roof and porch, just like a real wooden houses!

And the unusual caravan wins from its plastic campers with its extraordinary appearance, the ability to combine not combined, and of course the ability to live in a real wooden house anywhere and always without leaving the trip!

Watch the video: installing a wood burner in a caravanmotorhome (January 2020).


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