David Winnick and his trailer workshop

David Winnick owns and operates Winnick Designs and Vintage Trailering, which can bring the Airstream vintage trailer to life. He can custom-repair any trailer, motorhome, camper or trailer from the Airstream line. Dave opened his workshop on the restoration of the Airstream trailer about a year ago and went to this for a long time. Prior to that, he restored Airstream's personal trailer for Anthony Kiedis from the Red Hot Chilli Peppers group. Dave's workshop, which restores the trailer dacha and the Airstream caravan located in a beautiful forest. He owns a large building in which you can easily restore a caravan, a motorhome, a caravan, a camper or an Airstream trailer, but Dave prefers to work in his own backyard, inspired by his unity with nature.

Watch the video: SULFUR Book Trailer (April 2020).


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