Remote Generator Switch

We are glad to present you the useful development of our specialists - the generator remote switch block.

The generator remote shutdown unit is a one-way radio control device optimized for transmitting one command.

It is often the case that the generator, usually installed as far as possible from the consumer, needs to be muffled without leaving the premises. For example, when you go to bed and go out at night looking with a lantern and in the cold to turn off the gasoline (or diesel) power station, and even more so to return later to a dark room, you don’t want to, this device will be indispensable.

The cheapest, and therefore most often encountered, generators with a power of up to 1 kW (in common parlance known as "cubes") have an electric ignition interrupter. It is brought to the key switch located on the control panel. It is this switch and "presses" the proposed device by radio command. The dimensions of the device allow it to be easily placed inside the generator housing. Connection can make any electrician. The device is powered by a 12-volt rectifier, also available in such generators.

For easier connection, or for generators without a low-voltage rectifier, a version of the device powered by AA batteries is also developed. Such a device has a small current consumption in standby mode. However, when operating in the winter, not all types of batteries remain functional, which must be taken into account.

The distance of the remote control, with the receiver antenna unfolded and the remote control antenna unfolded, is at least 500 m in the open area and at least 25 m in difficult conditions.

You can buy this device in our store for the price:

  • 1900 rub. for device without power supply from AA batteries
  • 2400 per device with AA battery pack

Watch the video: Add A Generator Switch Inside Your RV - Cummins Onan 4000 watt Generator switch install (April 2020).


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