Opera futuristic trailer

Two talented Belgian architects Axel Enthoven and Rob Vos created a very unusual futuristic residential trailer called "Opera". However, this name was not accidental. With its appearance, it strongly resembles the Sydney Opera House. It is noteworthy that the residential trailer is made of environmentally friendly, natural materials: leather, hardwood, stainless steel.

The trailer cottage "Opera" has everything you need to stay: two beds, shower, toilet, sink, stove, heating, bar and wonderful LED lights. Of particular interest is the entrance to the residential trailer, resembling the gates of a medieval castle. The popular magazine Wallpaper recognized the residential trailer "Opera" as the best in the "Best Camping" nomination 2010. During transportation, the remarkable design of the trailer cottage folds into a compact low trailer with good aerodynamics. Opera trailer already sold with might and main at a price of 28,000 euros in Europe. You can order a variety of interior finishes.

Watch the video: Futuristic opera "2014" Trailer - Olexii Kolomiytsev's Theater (April 2020).


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