Grimvagen - the main assistant in the movies

Grimvagen is the thing that no movie, TV series or commercial can do without. Mobile dressing room combines a whole set of useful functions, so necessary for the actors and the rest of the crew. The acting trailer is a dressing room, wardrobe, dining room on wheels. Grimvagon easily moves with the help of a conventional passenger car, because according to the documents, the dressing room on wheels is a regular trailer-dacha to a passenger car.

Grimvagenami can be called as ordinary trailers, cottages or motorhomes, in which additional mirrors are simply installed, and deeply reworked. Alterations are mainly limited to a complete change in the interior of one of the rooms of the trailer. To make a quality make-up room you need a large mirror, a warm and cold light, a make-up table and a professional make-up chair. There should also be a place for the make-up artist to work, who will have to gently caress around the model for a long time, selecting the right makeup. The mobile make-up room is good for its versatility and moderate overall dimensions, which make it possible to arrange the makeup of the car in even the most cramped conditions.

Only big movie studios can afford to buy their own make-up wig. For small film crews, it is not profitable to keep the fleet of mobile make-up rooms, since there is always the question of where to store the auto-trailer in their free time. Therefore, grimvageny profitable to rent. In Moscow, there are a number of organizations specializing in the rental of various filming equipment, including grimvagenov. Retrailer specializes in rental grimvagenov of various sizes and layouts in Moscow. Retrailer has always available grimwagens, mobile dressing rooms, acting carriages, wardrobe rooms on wheels. We deliver mobile cabins and trailers. According to your desire, grimvagen can be equipped with additional mirrors, lighting. We also rent gasoline generators.


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