Hobby Caravan Wohnwagenwerk plant history

The history of the factory Hobby Caravan Wohnwagenwerk begins with the distant 1967 - the year of its foundation. When the UEFA Football Championship was held in Germany in 1972, Hobby had already released the 5000th caravan. It was first used galvanized chassis. A little later, in 1973, another innovation occurred - Hobby began to produce a caravan with an automatic rolling brake. In 1976, Hobby produced the 25,000th caravan and in 1982 became the largest factory in Europe for the production of caravans.

The plant constantly presents and introduces various innovations into production. In 1983, Hobby introduced a combination of sunscreen and mosquito blinds on the windows. In 1984, the legendary semi-integrated motorhome Hobby 600 was launched on the market.

The introduction of the cassette toilet in 1987 was another event in the manufacturing industry of caravanning, while Hobby released the 15,000th caravan. In 1988, when no one imagined East Germany would go down in history, Hobby launched the Excellent 495 UL.

Two years later, the 200,000th caravan from Hobby rolls off the assembly line, and in 1994, the company produces the 250,000th caravan. In 1996, Hobby presented the concept of "All inclusive (all inclusive)": full equipment of the caravan with equipment, with respect to its light weight. This concept was intercepted by many companies in the late 90s.

The Excellent series in such a light version of the beginning has been produced since 1999. In 2003, the company opens an ultra modern factory for the production of motor homes in the city of Fockbek. Models such as Siesta, Toscana and Van Exclusive were produced in this factory. Another significant event occurred in 2009, when the factory Hobby released a half-million model of the caravan - Excellent 495 UL.

In 2013, Hobby introduces a new series of Premium Caravans with a futuristic sleek design. A little later, this concept is picked up by the rest of the leading European plants: KnausTabbert, Fendt, Dethleffs.

Today, the caravan model lineup consists of several series: the light and budget Ontour and DeLuxe, the average Excellent, the large and roomy Prestige, the futuristic Premium and the real mobile home Landhaus.

Today, the Hobby plant is a recognized European leader in the production of caravans. The production of caravans from Hobby is always several times higher than the volumes of competing companies. This can explain the high popularity of caravans from Hobby in Europe and Russia.

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