Results of Caravanex 2015

From 16 to 24 May, an exhibition dedicated to auto-tourism in Russia was held - Caravanex 2015. For the first time, Caravanex was held in a new campground located between Sokolniki Park and Elk Island - in a quiet place, away from people with lots of greenery, water songbirds The infrastructure of the new campsite in Sokolniki is also organized at a high level. In general, all in the best European traditions.

About the exhibition

The auto-tourism industry in Russia is still in its infancy, and import customs duties on cars and trailers do not contribute to an increase in demand for motorhomes. All this did not allow to expect something special from the Caravanex 2015 exhibition. Rather, it was another meeting of Russian caravaners, but this time under the guise of an official event. At Caravanex 2015, they came in families and stayed in the campsite for a few days - to relax, chat with new friends. It was a pity that there were few official exhibitors who saw a commercial perspective in the event and had the courage to invest their time, energy and finances in Caravanex in the hope of some kind of return. All nine days, these participants were bored with boredom, and the bad weather spoiled their mood even more.


If we consider Caravanex 2015 as a festival, as another spring gathering of Russian caravaners, then, of course, everything was possible. However, in the format of the exhibition the event was boring, with frankly weak informational support. I would like to wish the organizers not to stop at what has been accomplished and to take into account all the mistakes when conducting Caravanex 2016.

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