KABE - the benchmark of Swedish quality

The history of the Swedish brand Kabe began in 1958, when the future founder of the company, Kurt Blomkvist, began building the first caravan for his family in the courtyard. 3 weeks before the planned family vacation, the trailer was ready. But the building was so successful that Kurt quickly received an offer to buy it and could not resist. The holiday inexorably approached, and the family did not receive the long-awaited caravan. Kurt makes an urgent decision to build another trailer. At the time, working on the main job in the Saab division, Kurt worked all day long. As a result, the family, without waiting for the caravan, went to the long-awaited weekend, and Kurt, meanwhile, was completely absorbed in construction. Upon returning from vacation, Kurt's family saw a ready caravan, which was also sold very quickly.

The construction of caravans Kurt podolzhil and fall. By next summer, eight caravans were built. The first model was called the Kabe Comet 250. Garabite dimensions: 2.4 meters long and 1.8 meters wide. Its price was 3800 Swedish marks, which was two times cheaper than the new Volvo PV at that time.

Caravan production continued, but 4 years after its successful launch, Kurt began to tire of the two works that took up all his time. The choice was made correctly, although it was given to him then it was not easy. To leave a familiar and well-paid place, putting everything in a new business, was a bold and courageous act. The garage becomes inadequate and KABE Husvagnar AB (which was established in 1963) opens its factory in Tenhult, a suburb of Jönköping, just 10 kilometers from the historic garage. Kabe's reputation grows as well as sales. Many would have slowed down on the wave of fame and success at this stage, but not Kurt. Over the next 10 years, it leaves behind all competing caravan manufacturers, thanks to its periodic innovations: wall ventilation, liquid floor heating, and heat insulation material. Kurt always loved the technical part of his work, leaving the administrative part as a necessity. Kurt organizes seminars for his employees and trains them in proper production. Through the years and decades, Kabe goes to his success, being the undoubted leader in the production of winter caravans in the Scandinavian countries. Today, Kurt is 80, he left his post as chairman, but retained his place as a member.

KABE Husvagnar AB has several subsidiaries in Sweden and more than 90 dealer centers throughout Europe. The company's shares are successfully sold on exchanges.

The name Kabe itself comes from the name of Kurt Blomkvist. In Swedish, the initials KB sound like Kabe.

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