How to choose the marquis

The marquise is an easily erected canopy under which you can always hide from the sun or light rain. In the transport state, the canopy is neatly twisted on a roller shutter and retracted into an elegant compact case. The body is rigidly fixed on the side (wall or roof) of your home on wheels.


The following marquis manufacturers for campers are widely distributed on the European market - Dometic (Sweden), Fiamma (Italy), Thule (Sweden).


By the type of folding / unfolding - the marquise can be manual or mechanical.

The manual rolled marquise represents the basis (a hollow aluminum pipe) on which the awning from not wet-through material is manually wound. Telescopic vertical supports (legs) and two telescopic struts hide in the cavity of the pipe to stiffen the whole structure and provide good tent tension.

Marquise case - a cover on a lightning from waterproof soft material. These awnings are designed for caravans. The cover with the help of a stitched edging is wound up in an aluminum profile (as well as the roof of an awning tent) and remains hanging on it horizontally.

These awnings are made by Fiamma (Carvanstore series, awning width is available from 190 to 550 cm.)

and Thule (Omnistore series 120, awning width is available from 230 to 550 cm).

There are also manual awnings in a rigid aerodynamic aluminum case - Fiamma F35Pro (awning width is available from 180 to 300 cm).

They can be installed either on a caravan or on a castenvagen or a motorhome using special adapter adapters. A separate subspecies of manual awnings are fan awnings of the Fiamma Compass type (awning width is available from 220 to 260 cm). Fiamma Compass also has a soft, non-wetted case, from which a tent is manually opened like a fan. Such awnings cover the space on the side and the back. It is widely used on lightweight expeditionary all-wheel drive campers and castenvagen. Mounted on the expeditionary roof rack.

The mechanical marquise is already an obvious fruit of the activity of engineers and designers. Ratchet mechanism by means of cable drives, springs and cranks manages a neat and smooth opening and closing of the awning. This process is controlled by a telescopic key-driver. A convenient key allows the Marquis to be mounted noticeably higher than a man’s height. The mechanism will rid you of running around and always leave your hands clean. Telescopic vertical racks (legs) manually conveniently mounted in a retractable front bar. Horizontal struts slide out automatically. Such marquises make all three plants - Dometic, Fiamma and Thule.

According to the method of basing the mechanical awning on the body - wall and roof awnings.
Wall awnings - Dometic PW1000, PW1500, PW1750, PW3500, Fiamma F45S, F45L, F70, F45Eagle and Thule Omnistor 5200, 8000, 4900, 2000. These awnings are designed for mounting on a vertical wall, or mounting on the roof as vertically, through special adapters.

Roof awnings - Dometic PR2000, PR2500, PR4500, Fiamma F65L, F65S, F40, F65Eagle, Thule Omnistor 6200, 9200. These awnings are designed for horizontal mounting of the case on the roof through special adapters. This mount is important for minivans and castenvagenov, where the opening of the side door reaches the roof itself and makes it impossible to install wall awning.

According to the method of disclosure awnings - mechanical and electrical.
The mechanical marquise was described above. Some types of marquis can be equipped with an electric motor for 12V, which will provide the disclosure with a single button. These can be awnings Dometic PW1500, PW1750, PR2500, Fiamma F45S, F45L, F65L, F65S, Thule Omnistore 9200, 5200, 8000.

The crown of technology and high prices are electric, (roof and wall) supportless awnings - Dometic PR3500, PW4500, Fiamma F45Eagle, F65Eagle. Such awnings are supplied only with electric drive and remote control, equipped with a wind sensor (which, when the wind speed is higher than the allowable one) will automatically remove the awning, LED lighting for the space under the awning. The great advantage of such marquis is the possibility of basing at any height from the ground.

Separately, you can select special awnings. In particular - Fiamma Slide Out. Such a marquise is installed on the roof in the place of the slider extension (the movable section, which increases the living space of the motorhome during parking). When the slider extends, the awning of the awning is automatically unwound, protecting the flat roof of the slider from rain and debris.


Adapters are profiles of different lengths made of aluminum that help you easily and relatively painlessly connect the body of the awning to the roof of your mobile home. There are many manufacturers of motorhomes, caravans and castenvagenov with completely different variants of the roof profile. Marquis manufacturers pay great attention to this fact and try to produce adapters for various popular motorhomes (Adria, Rapido, Hymer, Hobby, Karmann, Eura Mobil, Dethleffs, Fendt, Buerstner, LMC) and Kastvenvvageny (VW T2, T3, T4, T5, T6 , Crafter, Renault, Master, Opel Vivaro, Westfalia, Ford Transit, Fiat Ducato, Citroen Jumper, Paugeot Boxer, Mersedes-Benz Sprinter, Vito, Viano, Marco Polo).

Each manufacturer of the big three has its own line of adapters for wall and roof mounting. It is worth noting that a simple universal adapter on a vertical flat wall comes complete with wall awnings. In all other cases, the adapter will have to buy more as an additional option, choosing the right one for your roof in the form of the manufacturer’s catalogs.

Side and front walls

If you already have a roof, then as a rule the next desire is to attach side walls to it and make a full-fledged tent. This is also provided by the manufacturers. You can buy both a side wall, a front sun awning, and a full set of walls with zippers with windows and mosquito nets.

Ready-made tents for Marquis Fiamma - PrivacyRoom, PrivacyRoom Light, PrivacyRoom Ultra Light, PrivacyRoom Caravanstore Light.

If you know in advance that you want the Marquis to be only complete with a tent, the ready set for you is Fiamma Zip, Fiamma Caravanstore ZIP (Marquise F45 or Caravanstore + sidewalls + floor).

For the marquis of Thule - Panorama, Residence G3. Thule EasyLink and Thule QuickFit, full-fledged lightweight tents with a roof mounted under the roof of the awning are neatly transported in a special bag.

For Marquis Dometic - CampRoom.

What should be remembered

  1. Awning awnings must be kept clean. If possible, dry before winding;
  2. The marquise's machinism also needs to be clean. Do not exert excessive effort when working key. This may cause damage;
  3. Wind - one of the main enemies of the Marquise. Using the awning in the working mode in windy weather or just for a long time it is necessary to install an anti-strap line on it;
  4. There is a special repair kit for awnings Fiamma;
  5. A wall adapter usually includes a flat adapter on a vertical wall (3-4 small pieces), a key-wrench, plastic clips for fixing vertical supports on the wall of a motorhome, a rafter (additional horizontal spacing) for a marquise over 400 cm wide, instructions.

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