How to protect the caravan from theft?

Unfortunately, popular vehicles are becoming popular with hijackers. Of course, caravanning in Russia is still in its infancy, but do not underestimate the interest in caravans on the part of hijackers. At the motorhome you, like on a regular car, can put a variety of alarms that prevent the engine from starting. And how to protect the caravans in this regard? Consider a few popular things for your restful sleep.

1. Lock on the caravan hitch

There are many different types of coupling heads from different manufacturers, including AL-KO, Knott, Westfalia, BPW. Peitz, Winterhoff. All these coupling somehow differ from each other. And practically to all types of coupling heads there are mechanical interlocks. They prevent the trailer hitch from fixing the tow ball onto the car. And therefore prevent theft. Couplings for coupling can be both universal, suitable for most coupling, and unique, designed for a specific type.

These bollards work when the caravan is in a disengaged state. But there are also options for locks that prevent the trailer from disengaging from the vehicle's tow bar. In the coupling of the production AL-KO, a special hole is made into which a small lock lock is inserted, locked with a key.

Thus, inside the hitch, the lock guise prevents the caravan hitch head from detaching from the tow bar of the car. You can purchase these devices in our store, in the locks section.

2. Castle on the support of the caravan

Each caravan has 4 screw supports, allowing the caravan to maintain a stable horizontal position. Extended caravan towers make driving with a trailer not possible. Therefore, it is also possible to put on a special mechanical lock on the nut of the bearing guide screw.

3. Machinic wheel locks or traps

We are all familiar with the dashing 90th type of mechanical anti-theft device. Together with the steering wheel steering wheel, most of the car owners in our country used these blockers. On caravans, they also exist in various forms from different manufacturers.

4. GPS trackers

There are many different vehicle tracking devices using GPS. To receive data from a GPS tracker, use either a built-in GSM module with a SIM card installed in it, or a specific Internet resource associated with this tracker. Cheaper trackers will be able to send you the coordinates of the location of the trailer at the time of your request. More expensive follow the movement constantly and I can draw the route of the trailer in real time.

Such devices usually involve a subscription fee from an operator providing a permanent tracking service. Power is supplied autonomously from the built-in lithium-ion batteries, or from an external battery. Some of these devices have an accelerometer - a sensor that responds to movement. In the case of the beginning of the movement of the caravan, you receive an alert, seeing that, you can check the location of the caravan. If it does not correspond to the place of his parking, then it is time to call the police. You can also meet and built-in microphone. By calling the SIM card installed in the device, the device will automatically turn on the high-sensitivity microphone. You can listen in real time what is happening inside your motorhome.

5. Mover

The mover is not a tricky device that allows you to move a caravan using the remote control without a car. The device is quite simple. Several electric motors (on each wheel) with friction rollers worn on them. Electric motors are mounted on a special subframe and are powered by a regular caravan battery. If you need to move the caravan, the friction rollers of the weaver engage with the tires of the caravan and using the remote control, you can park your trailer in those places where it cannot be done with a car. In other words, with the help of a moover, you can put your caravan in a place that you can get it from there only with the help of a remote control from your mower.

6. Guarded parking

A closed parking lot with reliable security will make the hijackers seriously think about the feasibility of starting a caravan.

7. Insurance

No matter how reliable your protection is, if professionals have an eye on your vehicle, you most likely cannot avoid hijacking. In this case, save your money can only insurance. In Europe, the insurance of caravans and motor homes perfectly debugged. In Russia, insurance companies still do not understand what a motorhome is, how to evaluate them and where to repair it. Old caravans (more than 10 years) our insurance companies do not insure on principle.

Of course, all these ways to protect the caravan from hijacking are good in their own way. But the use of a variety of protection in the complex gives less chance to the hijackers to put your caravan on your hitch.

Watch the video: How to protect your trailer from thieves (January 2020).


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