How to protect your motorhome from hacking?

The wide popularity of mobile homes in Europe and growing in Russia makes caravanning interesting not only for notorious travelers, but also for various kinds of criminals - hijackers, burglars, vandals and other hooligans. For example, when traveling around Europe, you can never be sure that when you return to the parking lot, you will not find your camper with a door or window broken. Petty hooliganism and theft are rampant even in guarded parking lots in a busy Europe. It's no secret that the standard locking devices on the front door and the technical hatches of the motorhome or caravan do not provide adequate protection against burglary. Rather, they are more of a psychological defense.

And so how to protect your caravan from hacking and your property, located inside the camper, from theft.

Locks on doors and hatches

For many years, Fiamma has been developing and producing additional external locks and internal doors for entrance doors and service hatches. Consider these devices in more detail. The Fiamma Security Series door lock combines 2 devices in one. This is a convenient handrail for entering the motorhome. Especially relevant for older travelers. This handrail has 2 positions, in one of which it firmly holds the front door of the camper, protecting it from unauthorized entry. This handrail-lock is available in two different heights: 31 and 46 cm. You can purchase the Fiamma Sacurity 46 door handrail in our store.

The Fiamma Safe Door series lock protects not only the front door of the camper, but also important technological hatches. For example the door to the garage or trunk. It is versatile and fits all caravan doors. Fiamma Safe Door can also be purchased in our store.

Additional internal locks. The same as the exterior, these simple mechanical locking devices will allow you to further protect your hatches and doors from unauthorized opening. Available in various versions. Mostly universal.

Protective caravan cover

In Europe, and especially in the UK, protective covers for the trailer are popular. Just like the trailers themselves, they exist in various widths and lengths. Thus, you can pick up a protective cover on your residential trailer quite accurately. As a rule, they are made of the same material as the awning tents. Therefore, they protect the motorhome from dust, dirt, water, and also complicate access to the caravan to individuals with malicious intentions. The downside of this design is its long and dreary installation. Therefore, it is important to wear such a protective device on a caravan with long-term parking. It is worth noting that, just like at the camper, there is an entrance door in the case. This allows you to avoid long dismantling of the tent if you suddenly needed to enter the caravan.


Now on the market there are many different alarms and other electrical devices to monitor the condition of your home on wheels. At each entrance opening, be it a window or a door, you can install an opening sensor and / or motion sensors in the caravan itself. When hacking you will receive the relevant information on the SMS on the phone, as well as the siren will turn on. Do not forget about the system of covert video surveillance, which will fix the intruder, record and save this video to the built-in storage media.

Safe for valuables

And yet, how to save valuables, if intruders have yet penetrated your motorhome. The answer is trivially simple - safe. The Dutch company Kip, for example, which manufactures caravans, has been assembling all its mobile homes with a built-in safe as standard since the early 1990s. The safe may be of various sizes, but it must be bolted to the floor of the camper as safely as possible. And in general, the location of the safe should be chosen the deepest and most distant, which is in the caravan. Petty burglary in the parking lot usually takes a few minutes. Having entered inside, thieves take away what lies in sight or is in easily accessible space. Most likely, they will not have time to climb into the far corner under the bed and try to crack the safe, if they can find it at all. Thus, you can leave small valuable things in the trailer house that you don’t want to take with you without risking being left without them in the event of hacking.

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