Caravanning as a new type of tourism in Russia

Relatively recently, the word “caravaning” came to Russia - this is the name of a type of car tourism with accommodation in equipped motor homes. Renting a caravan, which is an equipped residential tourist caravan, allows you to go along any route and not think about hotels, tickets, forgotten things and heavy bags. For Europe and America, this kind of recreation has long become familiar: for example, in Britain more than 45,000 motorhomes are sold every year. In Russia, it is just beginning to gain popularity: there are not enough good roads and the corresponding infrastructure, although this does not stop travelers.

What are the advantages of caravanning?

Camper rental allows you to get a temporary use of a fully equipped autohouse, ready to move along any routes. The traveler is not required to buy train tickets, book hotel rooms and spend large sums on accommodation. Modern motor home provides everything you need for a comfortable life: it is equipped with a kitchen, bathroom with toilet and shower, tiles, heating, air conditioning, lighting, etc.

This method of transportation has several advantages over traditional travels:

• This is the best option for families with children. At any time, the motorhome or trailer can be stopped to rest in comfortable conditions; parking can be done either in an equipped campsite, or simply on the river bank or near the road. The trailer cottage is suitable for those who want to relax in peace and quiet, away from other tourists.
• Caravanning offers great opportunities for lovers of romance. the residential module of the motorhome or caravan can accommodate up to 6-7 people, so you can go on holiday by a friendly company. At the same time, the rental price will not be much higher than a hotel room, but it will allow you to get a lot of new impressions. In addition, do not have to spend money on train tickets. The road itself will already turn into pleasure and will become an important part of an exciting journey.
• This is a fairly safe way to travel. Renting a trailer suggests a relatively low speed. This is an option for those who prefer a leisurely rest and have enough free time. You can plan a route in advance and enjoy your vacation away from civilization.
• Caravaning is a good option for ecotourism. Rented caravans are suitable for those who choose not the most popular tourist routes and want to be closer to nature. It will allow to arrange a parking in the forest, on the bank of the river, to go fishing, while in any case you will not have to deny yourself a high level of comfort.

It is no coincidence that this way of recreation is becoming increasingly popular in developed countries. In Russia, it appeared not so long ago, but quickly gained loyal connoisseurs. Discover the new opportunities of auto tourism, and you will have a chance to see the whole of Russia, without limiting yourself in choosing the route.

What means to choose for movement?

Renting a camper will allow you to choose the best suitable vehicle. Motorhome is selected based on the number of travelers, requirements for comfort and financial opportunities. The most expensive, the elite option is considered to be integrated motorhomes with fully equipped living space. The cabin in them is part of the body, so they got that name. The integrated motorhome will allow you to forget about any inconvenience on the road.

A cheaper and more common option is semi-integrated cars with a residential body mounted on a standard chassis. The body is insulated, the car is supplied with a heating system, so you can travel not only in summer but also in winter. Semi-integrated car is smaller in size, it is designed for a maximum of 4 travelers.

For a big company, a good solution would be to rent a motor-car of the alcove type with extra beds. This type of transport is designed for a large company, and travelers will not interfere with each other. An alcove with an equipped double bed is located above the driver's seat. Such a superstructure does not interfere with movement.

For those who prefer a leisurely rest with long parking, the best solution would be to hire a caravan. The trailer can be moved by an ordinary car, and at parking it turns into a cozy house with everything you need for permanent residence.

In our company you can easily choose a suitable vehicle for rent and go on a journey along any route. Favorable prices will not save when choosing and give yourself a wonderful vacation away from the usual situation, but with maximum comfort.

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