Category VE

What is the VE category for?

Possession of rights of category B is not enough for movement on public roads with trailers whose weight exceeds 750 kg. This fact imposes a number of restrictions that can prevent in many situations. For example, if the driver has a desire to engage in active recreation using various kinds of equipment: motorcycles, ATVs, boats, snowmobiles, a glider and horses, for transportation in a trailer which, he will first have to get VE rights, passing a course in a driving school and passing qualification exams. We need the BE category and owners of caravans and caravans who prefer to travel with a “heavy” trailer, attaching the latter to a passenger car. According to the decree No. 1097, which entered into force on October 24, 2014, the maximum permissible mass of a train consisting of a towing vehicle driven by a driver with category E and a trailer may exceed 3.5 tons.

How is training in this category and what is its purpose?

In the driving schools for category BE, students in the course of theoretical and practical classes learn the nuances associated with driving a train in a vehicle with a trailer. The latter significantly changes the geometry of the vehicle, entails a shift in the center of gravity and affects the behavior of the car on roads with different surfaces. Also, when driving a car with a trailer weighing more than 750 kg., There is a need to change the speed limit and driving tactics depending on traffic congestion.
In the course of training for the BE category, drivers are trained to steer a straight train on a straight road, take turns at different radii, control the train on city and high-speed roads, and master driving over long distances. In the course of working out the listed skills, they bring to automatism the technique of safe driving of a train and safe transportation of goods.
Training in category E is a gift to the beginning of the summer season and the holiday season, which also opens up opportunities for trips to the mountains, for hunting, fishing and other country activities. Owners of a vehicle and category B rights who have a driving experience of more than 12 months can register for the course. To complete the training will take 1 month and age over 19 years.

How are the exams for the BE category?
At the end of the practical part of the course, driving schools in the BE category organize an internal exam on theoretical foundations, then a test at a closed circuit and a test of driving skills on city roads. Subject to the successful completion of all stages of testing, students pass a qualifying exam in the traffic police to get right. At the discretion of the driver, he can wait for the exam at the MREO, to which a particular school belongs, or he can pick up a package of documents and go independently to the qualification exam at the MREO of any region of Russia, setting the nearest date for the examinations. After graduating from a driving school in category E, you will have to wait some time for the day of the examinations because there are few people who want to be certified in this category. In Moscow's MREO, for example, exams are held once every 1-2 months, but by taking the time to search for MREOs with more suitable exam dates, you can shorten the wait to 5-7 days.

The practical exam for the right category of BE consists of two stages of testing skills:
1. 2 exercises on the court. First, the subject will have to drive backwards in a straight line, 100 meters long. Then he will have to drive backwards into the box, which is perpendicular to the line of movement of the train (i.e. cope with the trailer moving at an angle to the car body).
2. Riding around the city. Exercises repeat those that are included in the examinations for category B, but the route of movement is made shorter.
Difficulties for the examinee are usually caused by a check in perpendicular box. To guarantee the success of the test is recommended to take a few lessons related to the development of this skill. Driving schools BE, in which the cost of training exceeds the average level, by default include testing the arrival to the garage with a trailer in the price of the course.

If you are interested in how to get a BE category and choose a suitable driving school, prepare for enrollment a medical certificate confirming the validity of driving heavy vehicles with a heavy trailer and its copy, passport and photocopy of a photo page, a couple of 3 x 4 cm photographs, license of the driver, in which category B is open, and its photocopy.

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