Camping Suzdal

Camping Suzdal, exactly like the city of the same name, is located at a distance of 250 km from Moscow. Not that much, but the narrow road that passes through many settlements, together with its local repairs, increases the travel time and significantly darkens it. The campsite itself is located on the outskirts of the city on the territory of the large tourist complex of the State Customs Committee Suzdal, being a part of it. A pleasant surprise is that the campsite is really built according to European standards with a friendly position for motorhomes. The territory consists of about 20 parking places equipped with electricity. Some are located on a gravel surface, the more successful ones are based on evenly mowed lawns, practically on the bank of the river. Camping sites are located around the small building that this campground serves. There you can find really comfortable, clean and warm showers and toilet rooms, a laundry room and a kitchen, and the same place to drain the dry closet tapes and fresh water inlets. Who comes to the motorhome with tanks for water of large volumes, on a special platform, you can fill it with water, stretching the hose from the building. Those who have small volumes of water tanks are not lucky. You have to periodically run with canisters into the building to replenish water supplies. Also along the coast stretches a number of mangal zones.

The cost is:

  • 400 rubles per day costs one parking space for a motorhome (or a caravan and its tractor). It also includes services for refueling with technical water and draining waste from the toilet.
  • For an additional 350 rub. / Essence you get the opportunity to connect your house on wheels external to the network.
  • If you want to use a comfortable shower, toilet, then they will ask for another 150 rubles per day per person.
  • Services of one self-washing in a washing machine are estimated at 150 rubles.
  • For the use of the mangal zone ask 100 rubles. per hour or 600 rubles per day
  • If you come by car with a tent - 350 rubles per day

He wants to say that coming to the campsite with a motorhome becomes obviously advantageous when you live with a company of 4 or more people. In the tourist complex there is a swimming pool, sauna, spa, gym, several restaurants.

Choosing the right place for camping is obvious. Suzdal, albeit a small but very tourist city. Being the embodiment of the age-old Russian architecture, traditions and spirit, it is undoubtedly a Mecca for foreign tourists (including caravaners) who want to see the characteristic Russian style and history. The central street of Suzdal is replete with taverns and bars, hotels and guesthouses, markets and bazaars, and the number of historical monuments of architecture and sights in such a small area is simply off scale. Suzdal on a grand scale of the whole city celebrates the national Russian holidays, which will give even more impressions about this city, this country.

Camping Suzdal is a great place to go for a weekend or holiday. One can only wish that there would be more such campgrounds in Russia!

Watch the video: Russian Caravan League. Camping presentation in Suzdal and Moscow. (April 2020).


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