Buy a trailer cottage BU in Moscow. How correct?

It is not a secret to anyone that all country house trailers or trailers in Russia are imported to us mainly from Europe, less often from America.

Factories of European manufacturers of trailers, cottages, most of them are located in Germany, but there are brands of residential trailers, produced in Holland and France. Its caravan industry on a large scale also exists in the UK.

How to choose the right-to-do trailer dacha on the Russian market and not to buy a cat in a bag?

Let's look into the issue of buying a residential trailer thoroughly.

British caravan manufacturers generously complete their trailers with various additional equipment, such as an oven for cooking, a boiler for heating water, powered by gas. These trailers have always spacious toilet cabins and not rarely separate showers. However, these auto trailers cottages there are downsides. One of the first is the island climate of Britain, which rather quickly turns the leaked walls of a camper into dust. Also, the auto-trailers of the BU have a rather weak rubber-and-rubber suspension, which is completely unable to cope with our "directions" in Russia, which leads to the rapid destruction of the whole house on wheels. By the way, residential cabins from England are always cheaper than similar German ones.

As mentioned earlier, most European manufacturers are concentrated in Germany. There are factories that produce massively trailers dachas, which have quite reasonable prices (such as the Hobby plant), but not too distinguished by their endurance. There are other brands (such as Tabbert, Wippert, LMC, Fendt, etc.) that have a greater margin of safety, but are inferior to a higher price.

There are several manufacturers of car trailers from the Netherlands (Kip, Avento). These caravans are distinguished by their durability and build quality and are able to walk longer on the roads of Russia.

There are also Scandinavian manufacturers of residential trailers (Matkajja, Polar, Solifer, Kabe, Cabby). These trailers have thicker walls, a double floor and a liquid heating system for the residential module, which allows the guests of this winter trailer to live comfortably in the winter at a temperature of even 40 degrees. But the price tag of such caravans strongly "bites."

There are still no Russian manufacturers of trailers. Some enthusiasts are trying to take on this niche, but for now their models are similar to the designer "trailer dacha with their own hands." Although in the neighboring republic of Belarus, the manufacturer MAZ-Kupava, which builds several caravans that copy old Adria models, as well as residential modules on the Gazelle, has long existed.

Buy a trailer cottage BU in Moscow at affordable prices is possible, but you need to competently approach the issue of choice. With the opening of the border with Belarus, a flood of trailers for vans offered by Belarusian sellers rushed to us. Prices for such residential trailers from Belarus are always more attractive than Moscow ones, but the risks of running into a “bad” product are quite high here.

Even having acquired a quality trailer dacha for your car, you cannot be sure that it will be able to stand the road (for example, Moscow-Astrakhan) without problems. All the suspensions on such trailers are rubber-burned, which are not distinguished by high energy intensity. Therefore, in order to extend the life of your home on wheels, we would recommend that you immediately take care of reworking the suspension on an independent one, on springs or premobilons. Such alteration can be carried out in our technical center!

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