Mobile change houses and inhabited cars from Retrailer

September already that week floods us with rain. Everything stood still waiting for Indian summer. Cold winter ahead. How to be those who are forced by the peculiarities of their profession to spend a long time on the street. These are the film teams conducting long shooting in the open air, these are workers who produce an extensive list of street works, or those who are forced to leave the gray walls of the office with their team, break away from large monitors and plunge into painstaking work in the open air. . All these people need a place, a shelter, where they could rest in between work hours, where they could warm themselves in cold weather, where they could cook and dine, store things with other belongings, go to the toilet, wash themselves and even sleep. With all these requirements, such premises should be mobile, because, due to the nature of street work, one often has to be "today here, tomorrow there."

Retrailer knows how to solve the problem. We offer you to rent or rent comfortable residential cabins or mobile cabins. Retrailer trailers are German-made comfortable trailers. Such temporary houses are equipped with everything necessary to ensure proper comfort to your workers at the facility or to film actors during filming in a permanent mobility mode. All trailers from Retrailer have a rigid construction of walls, floor and ceiling. Therefore, with us you are not afraid of any wind, neither rain, nor a blizzard, nor the hot sun. Trailers are equipped with a reliable gas heating system Truma, which will not allow you and your colleagues to freeze even in the harsh Russian winters. Inside the residential trailers, everything is homely cozy, soundly, comfortable. Even without an electricity connection, you can always cook your own food on a gas stove or boil a kettle, keep food in the absorption refrigerator, which also runs on gas. And of course our corporate gas heating. The dry close is also always at your service. By connecting a mobile shed to an external power source of electricity, you will receive lighting, working 220V sockets inside the motorhome, blowing out warm air around the perimeter of the trailer using a special air duct and fan. Our shelters are equipped with comfortable sofas and tables, folding which results in comfortable sleeping places. All auto cottages trailers have double glazed windows and close tightly, which allows you to save the much-needed warmth for life.
According to our documents, our mobile cabins are trailers for passenger cars, and they easily cling to them. For those who are not sure of their driving skills, we will deliver a residential trailer to the work site and pick them up at the end.

Rent mobile cabins or cabins on wheels from Retrailer and you will be satisfied. At Retrailer are always available for rental car rental on wheels. Also, you can always buy the caravan you like in Moscow and Russia.

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