BE category is easy!

According to the law, you can drive a trailer without an open category BE in two cases:

  1. The trailer has a maximum weight of up to 750 kg. The maximum mass of the tractor in this case does not matter.
  2. The trailer has a maximum weight less than the curb weight of the tractor, and in total the maximum vehicle weight should not exceed 3500 kg. If one of these requirements is not met, you need to have an open BE category.

If the first point of this rule is rigorously observed by valiant inspectors, then the second point periodically has problems on the road. The traffic police inspectors do not know, or pretend to not know, about the existence of this item. This problem can be solved in different ways, but if you decide to seriously contact your vacation, and maybe life with caravanning, the best solution will get rid of the anxiety on the road - open the BE category!

Contrary to popular belief, it is not difficult, not difficult, not long, not expensive. In Moscow, there is more than one such school that offers to study for the BE category. It costs between 7,000 and 15,000 rubles. depending on driving school, plus 1000 rub. medical certificate (if you do not want to spend the day and nerves in your clinic). For this money, you are offered to leave 2 weeks for theoretical classes (but if you go to them, only you decide. Documents, as a rule, you will still be given) and at the end of the course they will give documents about the end of the driving school. Then you can wait for the exam in the MREO to which this driving school is attached, or you can take the documents from your driving school and go to the exam in any MREO in your city. The peculiarity is that examinations for the HE and CE categories in the MREO are not often conducted (once every 1-2 months) due to the small number of applicants, but at different times (relative to other MREOs). By going around 1-4 MREO in your city and finding out the schedule of exams, you can easily reduce the waiting for the exam from 2 months to 5 days! Once you have found the right MREO, you need to sign up for their exam. To change the MREO and the exam, you need to pick up the documents from your driving school, detach from the MREO to which your driving school is attached (contact MREO and in the window or office that is responsible for the exams, put a round stamp on the back of the driving school student card) submit documents (documents about the end of a driving school, valid driver's license, medical certificate, passport) to the window of receiving documents for the exam of your new MREO and wait for the exam. The exam itself consists only of the practical part and is divided into two stages:

  1. Playground. On the playground you need to do 2 exercises. The first is the movement of the car in reverse in a straight line. The second is driving back to the garage, which is perpendicular to the starting trajectory of your trailer train (popularly, these exercises are called “Break the trailer 90 degrees”)
  2. City. Here everything is the same as with category B, only the route is 2 times shorter.

Difficulties are caused by the playground, namely the second exercise (but some people cannot master the first for a long time). Therefore, before you go to take the exam, you need to forget your confidence as a “professional truck driver” and take a few hours of paid training. This service costs 600-1000 rubles per hour, but usually, when driving schools with a name and price policy above the average, there is such a service in the standard.

The rights to you will be made the next day, after the presentation of the passport, payment of the fee of 800 rubles. (it is necessary to take care of this in advance and when registering for the exam, ask for a receipt for paying the state duty for issuing a new VU) and waiting in line. After you take a photo of the sample card (paper and thin lamination on both sides), you can make a VU card immediately after taking photographs within 3-5 minutes (because of this, it looks like a stub and cannot be compared with the old VU plastic card).

In order not to advertise specific driving schools and people, I can tell the scheme of my successful learning and receipt by e-mail or by phone to all those interested.

Andrey Kalashnikov

Meanwhile, winter will never come to Russia, and water will not freeze in our trailers, cottages and carriages. Therefore, rent a caravan trailer is still relevant! Just to remind you that starting next spring, renting a caravan or motorhome will be available!

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