Retrailer Mobile Office

Often, many companies and individuals intending to organize various events away from the usual and comfortable office face the challenge of choosing a mobile facility. Criteria for this object abound:

  • The room should be comfortable (albeit not in the usual office, but still), not ascetic, pleasing to the eye
  • The room should be mobile, easily and cheaply transported.
  • In the room past workplaces (tables and chairs) there should be sockets and lighting.
  • A comfortable bathroom with a water supply is also required.
  • Kitchen with stove and refrigerator for making meals
  • Heating to create and maintain a comfortable temperature
  • Opportunity to spend the night indoors if necessary
  • Possibility to sort and put various documents and things on shelves and cabinets
  • The room must be autonomous

At first glance it seems that it is very difficult to select one solution to this list that satisfies all the points. Retrailer has a solution to this problem. Retrailer will be happy to provide mobile offices for companies or private individuals for rent or sale.

What is a mobile office? In our understanding, this is a comfortable European passenger trailer-house, equipped with everything necessary for comfortable work in any hiking conditions.

Our mobile homes have working areas with tables and sofas, on which your employees can comfortably accommodate, working with computers or with documentation. If desired, such jobs are easily transformed into beds. In our houses there is a separate room with a toilet, with a sink, which can be used at any time. Such an important thing as heating in our mobile offices is autonomous, working from natural gas (an easily replaceable cylinder is located in a special compartment in front). Not forgotten and the kitchen, which will please you with a sink, a gas stove for cooking and a refrigerator. Inside the house there are 220V sockets to which you can always connect a laptop or electric kettle.

Our mobile office has a hard roof and walls, it does not flow anywhere and is not blown, it retains heat and gives it away only to you. Mobile office is put on the wheeled chassis and can drag on a car. According to the documents, the mobile office is a vehicle, therefore it can be located everywhere where parking of vehicles is not prohibited without any special permits.

We can always deliver the mobile office to the place of rent, and if required, be always with you and constantly move to a new place.

In our park there are mobile rooms of various sizes and layouts that satisfy all the needs of our customers. For autonomous power there is an opportunity to connect the petrol generator.

Watch the video: 2019 Featherlite 1611-8616 Mobile Office Trailer (January 2020).


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