Real land yachts from Tonke

Tonke - a small company from the Netherlands, whose specialty is the design and construction of easily detachable residential modules for onboard versions of Mersedes Sprinter, VW Crafter etc. The main feature is that the interior of the residential wagons is made in the stele of sailing yachts (a large abundance of chrome, veneer, wood) the style resembles a gypsy cart. All Tonke residential units are made entirely by hand. The company is ready to realize any wishes of the client. Another remarkable feature is that all residential trailers can be easily lifted from the car's platform with electric jacks, after which the car can easily get out from under the trailer and be operated without it, and the trailer itself can be lowered and put on the ground.

One of the models of mobile homes from Tonke - Fieldsleeper is designed for 4 beds, has a sink, stove, refrigerator, toilet and shower, as well as a place for luggage.

Watch the video: Sailing Eleuthera - Glass Window Bridge & Queens Bath (January 2020).


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