New camping in Suzdal

Under the most beautiful ancient Russian town of Suzdal, on the territory of the hotel complex "Turcenter" along the banks of the river Kamenka, a new modern campsite has been opened.

Camping services include: parking space for 33 motorhomes (or caravans), electricity connection, water drainage / inlet, toilets (including for disabled people), comfortable showers, laundry, gas station refills. In the campsite building it is possible to book a tour of local attractions, rent sports equipment. In the building of the "Tour Center" you will be offered several restaurants, a gym, a pool, a spa center.

You can visit this wonderful campsite in Suzdal by renting a Retrailer caravan.

Watch the video: Russian Caravan League. Camping presentation in Suzdal and Moscow. (January 2020).


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